Clicks Mini Haul: Woman Shows Off Self-Care Items She Bought From Local Store

Clicks Mini Haul: Woman Shows Off Self-Care Items She Bought From Local Store

  • A young woman took to TikTok to give people a look at the self-care items she bought at Clicks
  • The mini haul included cotton wool, pads, hair removal cream, facial products, lip gloss and more
  • Although the woman made a video about the items she purchased, many felt the need to comment on her skin
Woman shows the self-care items she bought at Clicks.
A young woman let people in on the self-care items she bought at Clicks. Images: @khalikhalz
Source: TikTok

A local woman who shopped at Clicks to stock up on self-care products shared what she spent her money on with social media users.

Taking to TikTok, micro-influencer @khalikhalz filmed her mini haul, stating that items she bought from the store cost her a pretty penny, something she felt was the norm when shopping at Clicks.

She said:

"Whether it's two, three or ten items, you'll spend a million."

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The young lady proceeded to show what she had bought. These items included a hair removal cream, a packet of pads, cotton wool and cotton pads, heat protection spray for her hair, two different bottles of Garnier's micellar water, which she uses to remove her makeup and lace front, facial wipes, lip gloss, a facial scrub, and toner.

Watch the woman's Clicks mini haul in the video below:

Internet users react to haul

While the video centred on the items bought at Clicks, many people commented more on the woman's skin.

Dishing out the compliments, @missvezi said:

"You look like you smell divine, and your skin looks so soft. Such a pretty lady."

Taking to the online community, @sheblessedk wrote:

"Aowa, guys. Where do you order your clear and beautiful skin from?"

Talking about one of the products @khalikhalz showed, @ellenapeach said:

"You won’t regret using that Sorbet hair remover."

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@hippogh also commented on a product and said:

"I also love Libresse. Their pads at so thin and effective."

@jordan_mohapi shared their opinions about the woman's complaints about the store's prices, stating:

"You will never save less at Clicks."

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In a similar article, Briefly News reported about a local influencer whose Clicks haul took the internet by storm as she set out to buy toilet paper but purchased many other items.

The unexpected shopping spree cost her R1400 and sparked many reactions across South Africa. Some found it amusing and entertaining, while others criticised the influencer's excessive and impulsive shopping habits.

Source: Briefly News

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