Mzansi Woman Shares Raw Video of Life Before Payday, Touching Many in SA

Mzansi Woman Shares Raw Video of Life Before Payday, Touching Many in SA

  • A lady took to social media to showcase how she experienced extreme poverty before her payday
  • In the TikTok clip, she unveiled what she eats and what her fridge looks like before she gets paid
  • The online community reacted to the footage as they flocked to the comments section to express their thoughts while others cracked jokes

A woman in Mzansi gave a glimpse of her life before payday, and many people could relate to the stunner.

A TikTok video shows a woman unveiling her life before payday.
A lady showcased her life before payday in a TikTok video. Image: @katlego_wamopedi
Source: TikTok

Woman shares “poverty experience" before payday

TikTok user @katlego_wamopedi unveiled her life before payday, and many online users in South Africa felt her pain. The young lady showed off how her electricity box looked and unveiled her toothpaste, which she hardly had any.

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@katlego_wamopedi went on to showcase her half-washing soap. She had no more toilet paper and had to use serviette paper. Her fridge was empty, and she had to eat cornflakes to survive.

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The TikTok video touched many people online, generating many views and thousands of likes and comments.

Watch the video below:

South African netizens react to the woman's video

Social media users could relate to the lady's clip as they rushed to the comments section to express their thoughts.

Ma E shared:

"I'm only left with R75 for transport. The sad part is I can't even buy magwinya in the morning for breakfast at work."

Rare Basic expressed:

"Lol, so are we all living paycheck-to-paycheck."

MaMtungwa wrote:

"I have learnt to buy my things in bulk it's cheaper you save, and you just top up."

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Tshepsyd8 commented

"This is a reality for most of us no matter how much we try, our salaries are not salarying."

Tyco replied:

"9 to 5, it's not making sure. Getting paid once per month, it feels like once per year."

Woman stressed by high grocery prices as she pushes full trolley in store

Briefly News previously reported that the high cost of groceries is a significant challenge for many South Africans.

A video of a Mzansi woman looking stressed at a grocery store struck a chord with many netizens. The video, posted by @anitabuhlemeyi on TikTok, shows a woman staring into space before shaking her head in disbelief as she stands against her trolley, which is full of grocery items, from food to cleaning products.

Source: Briefly News

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