Cape Town Weather Chaos: Ocean Breaks into Roads, Viral Video Sparks Concern in Mzansi

Cape Town Weather Chaos: Ocean Breaks into Roads, Viral Video Sparks Concern in Mzansi

  • Cape Town has been facing horrid weather the past few days, and just recently, the ocean broke into the roads
  • The footage showcasing the terrifying moment has gone viral online, gearing many views, likes and comments
  • Mzansi netizens could not believe their eyes as many expressed their concerns in the comments

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Some parts of Cape Town struggle with heavy rainfall and strong winds, which have left a trail of destruction in many communities.

A TikTok video shows the ocean breaking into the roads due to the Cape Town weather.
The Cape Town weather caused the ocean to break into roads, as shown in a TikTok video. Image: @ziweeh
Source: TikTok

Recently, the ocean broke into the roads, causing fear and panic among netizens.

Cape Town weather: Ocean breaks into roads in a video

The mother city has been facing harsh weather since Sunday, and many areas have been reported to be flooding. The Cape of Strom is living up to its name, causing much community destruction.

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According to Eyewitness News, Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis told the publication that more than 70 areas across the Cape Peninsula have been flooding. The horrible weather that Capetonians face is due to a second cold front that arrived in Cape Town early Tuesday morning and brought heavy rain and stormy conditions.

This weather has led to the ocean breaking into the roads, as seen in a video shared by @ziweeh on TikTok. The clip caught the attention of many, gathering loads of views, likes and comments within a day of its publication.

Watch the video below:

The online community express their concerns in the comments

Many South Africans took to the comments section to voice their opinions on the horrid weather they have faced across Mzansi during the past week.

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Adrian Taylor said:

"Omg... please take care, Cape Town."

User shared:

"There was a huge flood in my school, and we went home early."

Zebulunfire wrote:

"We surfers love this type of weather to the fullest. It takes a spiritually balanced human being to be in the water riding nature's majestic element."

Charmaine Pillay71 commented:

"Omg, this is so scary. bè safe guys."

Cape Town Weather: Strong winds cause a roof to blow off amid heavy rainfall

Briefly News reported earlier that the Cape Town weather came in hot on July 7, 2024, when many Capetonians braced themselves for the 7th of July 2024, when many Capetonians braced themselves for the strong winds and heavy rainfall.

One house in the Western Cape suffered a massive blow from the harsh winds in Cape Town. Footage shared by Suburban Control Centre on Facebook shows a house roof blown away by the wind.

Source: Briefly News

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