18-Year-Old Mom Who Started Grade 1 Shows Morning Routine Balancing Motherhood and Education

18-Year-Old Mom Who Started Grade 1 Shows Morning Routine Balancing Motherhood and Education

  • One lady showed the internet her morning routine since she started her schooling career
  • The video is by an NGO, and they showed how the 18-year-old is getting started in life even though she has a three-year-old
  • Many people were inspired by the video of the mother who is working hard to ensure a bright future for her child

An 18-year-old mum went viral on TikTok after showing her morning routine. People were amazed that the young lady was starting her education despite facing many challenges.

18-year-old mom starts Grade 1
An 18-year-old mother showed people her busy morning routine after she started Gade 1. Image: @tusaiweyana
Source: UGC

The NGO founder introduced TikTok users to a young woman who started Grade 1 as an adult. The lady's name is Flora, and many people were touched by her story.

NGO helps 18-year-old go to school for 1st time ever after having child

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A video by @tusaiweyana shows an 18-year-old named Flora getting ready for school. What makes Flora unique is that she already has a three-year-old and is working hard to ensure a promising future for her.

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The 23-year-old NGO founder, who considers Flora as her daughter, says that the young mom faces a lot of adversity as she details that she has mental challenges and could not go to school all her life.

Speaking to Briefly News, Penny Holburn, a life, career and business coach, said it is never too late to study or go back to school.

"Ignore naysayers but find people who will support you and have your back." Said Holburn

Tips to succeed at balancing motherhood and school

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  • Time Management
  • A good support system
  • Make time for recreation
  • Set specific time boundaries
  • Be firm and prioritise learning and motherhod
"If things are not perfect with learning or childcare she needs to learn to give herself a break, learn that life is not perfect and she must not be afraid to ask for help." said Holburn

TikTok users moved by teen mom's morning routine

Many people in the comments were amazed by the young lady's story. People left words of encouragement for Flora and expressed how impressed they were by her perseverance.

Cynky1988 commented:

"May she continue to be blessed and favoured in her own special way."

Raina commented:

"It’s never too late! What an incredible young woman."

sophiavivas commented:

"Grade 1?"

kikimary63 commented:

"I wish her good luck with her school education! I’m so proud of her for achieving the dreams she wants to accomplish in life!"

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kezz commented:

"What a beautiful mom. She is doing an amazing job. So proud of all the young women making a better world for our future."

Amour commented:

"No one knows what she’s been through. I’m so happy for her to have your support."

KayBarrett commented:

"Were proud of you Flora, never give up on your dreams."

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