TikTok Video of Mom Taking Child With Disability to the Beach Melts Mzansi Hearts

TikTok Video of Mom Taking Child With Disability to the Beach Melts Mzansi Hearts

  • A mother recently shared a beautiful video of her taking her daughter with disability to the beach, bringing a lovely smile to her face
  • The mother-daughter duo Tasneem and Ashura Khan use their channel to share their journey and show their laughs and love to the world
  • Mzansi came to the comment section to shed a tear at the heartwarming video and share their joy
The internet were in love watching Tasneem Kahn walk her daughter Ashura to the beach.
Tasneem and Ashura Khan shared a video of them at the beach and Tasneem walking her daughter to the ocean. Source: @tasneemkhan1987
Source: TikTok

The TikTok channel, started by Tasneem Khan, shows videos of her and their daughter Ashura sharing beautiful moments and answering questions about her daughter's disability.

She explained that Ashura was in an accident in 2017, which caused a traumatic brain injury and led to numerous surgeries that left her confined to a wheelchair. Their videos show all the unforgettable moments they share.

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A supermom

Tasneem recently posted a TikTok video of her walking Ashura to the beach; the delight on her face is something to behold.

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Tears of joy

The video amassed almost 100,000 views, but numerous comments people expressed inspiration for the pair while telling Tasneem what an incredible mother she is.

Magdalene Jonas was touched:

As a mother, I must say from one mother to another, you deserve a reward. May you always be blessed beyond all measure ❤️❤️

Mishka loved the video:

" This is the absolute best thing I’ve seen !! You go the extra mile for your daughter as a momma to ensure she’s happy, too. you’re Amazing.

Tasneem inspired Sierra:

"Tasneem, you're a Warrior mother...God will empower you with strength. Ashura, you have the best mom..words fail me..so much love❤️"

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Angelo couldn't hold back his emotions:

"I'm in tears. This was hitting hard. It's so good to see God's angels happy and laughing."

Alicia wrote:

"Ashura always has a smile on her face, and for that, I totally adore her she's blessed to have you as a mother

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In a previously published Briefly News, a young woman with a disability has founded the Uni-Africa Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting equality for people with disabilities.

The foundation believes that everyone, regardless of their age, condition, or socio-economic status, should have equal opportunities for personal growth and development.

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