Man With Fancy Mercedes-Benz Shows Welcome Back Home Celebrations From Mother’s Side of Family

Man With Fancy Mercedes-Benz Shows Welcome Back Home Celebrations From Mother’s Side of Family

  • A man went back to his childhood home driving a fancy Mercedes-Benz bakkie and shared the video on TikTok
  • The clip shows the guy receiving a warmest welcome from his relatives from his mother's side of the family
  • The heartwarming scene generated a buzz on the platform, but not all the comments were positive
A Mzansi man returned home to a warm reception
A video of a man's homecoming celebrations sparked an online debate. Image: @otsile_rsa4
Source: TikTok

A South African man returned to his childhood home driving a sleek Mercedes-Benz bakkie. When he pulled into the yard, he got a spirited welcome from his family.

Homecoming clip grabs SA's attention

TikTok user @otsile_rsa4 posted a video showing the relatives cheering, dancing, and ululating in front of the car.

The touching clip got people across the platform buzzing. Some viewers alleged the hyped loved ones had ulterior motives.

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People raised questions about the family's reaction. They argued that the cheers and dances were influenced by the man's affluent status rather than genuine affection.

TikTok video of loving family spreads

Within a short period, the footage amassed an impressive 139,000 views and thousands of likes and reshares.

Watch the video below:

It seems the commenters made judgements based on their experiences with their sketchy relatives.

See some of the reactions below:

@nicolemotsatsi said:

"Yes because they're about to get drunk."

@cleosmarket posted:

"Try doing that entrance with a Honda or a Tazz."

@Divana commented:

"They won't do this for us who arrive on foot."

@babyss mentioned:

"They know the moreki has arrived."

@laminus20 wrote:

"They are very pretentious those ones. The silent competition masked with smiles."

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@ndindi_n asked:

"That’s only because you have a car. Did they do the same with those who came ka Johnnie Walker? I doubt."

@Thatonkie suggested:

"They love your money, just pretend to be broke and see."

@Lemba_queen shared:

"My mom's side of the family is also like this, they are absolutely wonderful."

Mum celebrates son’s new Mercedes-Benz

In another article, Briefly News reported that a young Nigerian man who had just got a beautiful Mercedes Benz took the vehicle home to show his family.

On seeing the Benz in a TikTok video, his mother's joy knew no bounds as she used her wrapper to clean the whole body of the vehicle.

Source: Briefly News

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