Kenyan Woman Narrates How Boyfriend Sneakily Linked Her WhatsApp to His Laptop

Kenyan Woman Narrates How Boyfriend Sneakily Linked Her WhatsApp to His Laptop

  • A Kenyan woman, Shiru, shared her experience on TikTok about her boyfriend's secretive snooping that left her dumbfounded
  • Shiru's boyfriend connected her WhatsApp to his WhatsApp Web on his laptop without her knowledge, giving him full access to her private messages
  • He often read her messages before she did, unbeknownst to her, as her WhatsApp was linked to his Chrome browser

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A Kenyan woman has taken to TikTok to narrate how her boyfriend snooped on her private WhatsApp chats without her knowledge.

Man and woman on phone.
A Kenyan woman narrated how she found out her boyfriend was snooping on her phone. Photo: Kobus Louw.
Source: UGC

Boyfriend invades partner's privacy

In her viral video, Shiru narrated how her boyfriend sneakily connected her WhatsApp to his WhatsApp web on his laptop and had full access to her chats.

In the TikTok video, she explained that her then-lover often read her messages before she could because her account was linked to his WhatsApp web on his device.

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"I did not know. He had connected my WhatsApp to his Chrome on his PC. He used to read the messages for me, but I did not know," she said.

She only came to catch him red-handed when they had a misunderstanding, and he mistakenly mentioned something from her chats that he would not have known about.

"I asked him how he had known. He hesitated to come clean, but he then confessed how he had linked my WhatsApp to his account. I freaked out. That was psychotic because he invaded my privacy," she said.

How to know whether your WhatsApp is linked to a foreign device

Many social media users were in disbelief after learning about this, and many sought advice on how to know if their significant others were snooping on their phones.

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@Nduta confessed:

"I am a victim of this, and the guy said he wasn't sorry and would do that again."

@Emmy Atichi added:

"This has happened to me before; I factory set my phone."

@Cathy revealed:

"I can relate to this. Mine was linked for two months, and I had no idea."

To confirm whether your WhatsApp account is linked to a foreign WhatsApp web, tap on the three dots on the top right of your WhatsApp account, go to linked devices, and log out of any linked Google Chrome accounts you do not recognise.

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