How to use black data on Cell C: Complete guide for 2022

How to use black data on Cell C: Complete guide for 2022

Black data is the data plan used by Cell C subscribers to stream or download content in the black entertainment platform launched by Cell C. The program was designed to ease the cost of downloading and streaming material from the internet. Here is a complete guide on how to use black data on Cell C.

what is black data
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The cost of data had been the major hindrance to browsing; hence black data plan came to ease the burden. The plans were intended for Cell C users, specifically for them to enjoy the services of streaming.

How to use black data on Cell C

What is black data? Black is a platform that offers clients all-around entertainment by allowing users to view video-on-demand by streaming.

The service was structured to be diverse, providing local and international content. The platform also caters to sports lovers by including some European football club channels. It also contains games and ticketing services and also offers sports betting services.

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To know how to use cell c black data, you must first have been registered on Black. You should note that these bundles do not work on other platforms.

Hence you need to purchase the bundle. This can be done via the Cell C app, credit/cheque card, Instant EFT, Masterpass, or Zapper. If you do not prefer this, you can still buy it using USSD by dialing *147# on your Cell C sim line.

If there is any Cell C store close to you, you can also purchase it from them directly, and the Cell C black bundle will be loaded into your account.

Black data prices

The black data Cell C prices vary according to the bundle you wish to pay. In addition, there are various plans you can opt for. The prices range according to the plan you choose.

These bundles can last for seven days, 30 days, 280 days, and 365 days. You can select any of the following bundle types below:

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1. Once-Off bundles

how to use cell c black data
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Check out the available Once-Off bundle plan available.

Till midnight

Below is a table with the available till midnight data you can purchase.


7 days bundles

Below is a table with the available seven days bundles you can use anytime.


30 days

Check out the available bundles for 30 days.

300MB AnytimeR29
500MB AnytimeR35
700MB AnytimeR45
1GB AnytimeR65
1.2GB AnytimeR69
2GB Anytime + 1GB NiteR85
3GB Anytime + 1.5GB NiteR99
4GB Anytime + 2GB NiteR149
6GB Anytime + 3GB NiteR199
8GB Anytime + 4GB NiteR249
12GB Anytime + 6GB NiteR299
30GB AnytimeR489
40GB AnytimeR489

180 days

These are the available data bundles that can last you 180 days.

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50GB Anytime + 50GB NiteR549
100GB Anytime + 100GB Nite R899
200GB Anytime + 200GB NiteR1699

365 days

If you want to stay connected the whole year, you can purchase any of the bundles below and use them anytime.

200GB R1999

2. Upfront 12 months

If you are interested in the Upfront 12 months plan, you can choose any of the bundles below.

100MB R129

3. Day By Day bundles

Day By Day bundles allow you to pay upfront and get a daily allocation of data value for 7 to 30 days.

Total allocationDaily allocationPrice Validity
14GB1GB +1GB NiteR897 days
15GB250MB + 250MB Nite R9930 days
30GB500MB + 500MB NiteR16930 days
60GB1GB +1GB Nite R29930 days

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NB: You can get 50GB Anytime data + 50GB Nite data valid for six months for just R549!

How does black data work?

how to use black data
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Black data was primarily developed to be used on the black Cell C platform. Therefore, it is only available for Cell C customers on prepaid plans. You are eligible if you are on either the Pinnacle, LTE-A, C-Fibre Connector, SmartData, or Connector.

However, you must migrate to use the service if you are on a contract plan. So, provided that you have adhered to the requirement, the next thing is to ensure that you are registered on Black.

How do you check your balance?

To check your balance, download the Cell C App on your Android or iPhone smartphone to register or register for Cell C online self-service or dial *147# or *101#.

How do you recharge data once the bundle is depleted?

Below are various ways on how you can recharge your data:

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  • Self-Service option: Dial 135; option 1 for "Manage"; option 2
  • Cell C website: Login to Self-Service on and follow the prompts
  • Using USSD: Dial *147# OR *109#
  • Make a call: Dial 135 and then option 9 to speak to an agent

Is there a rollover of unused monthly data?

The data allocation resets each month, so any wasted data from one month won't carry over to the next. Only consumers with Straight Up plans can roll over their data for three months.

The above guide on how to use black data on Cell C will help if you are stuck on what to do with black data on Cell C. You can always contact them by calling their customer care helpline 135.

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