Dinner Disaster: Man Cooks Blue Pap for Family, Leaves Them Stressed and Hungry in Funny Video

Dinner Disaster: Man Cooks Blue Pap for Family, Leaves Them Stressed and Hungry in Funny Video

  • A South African man left his family hungry after he cooked a pot of bright blue pap for dinner
  • The video shows the blue concoction being stirred while the family expresses their confusion and disappointment in the background
  • The young man claimed he was experimenting, and the blue pap had flavour, but the family was not convinced

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A young man cooked a pot of bright blue pap for dinner
A young man's culinary experiment left his family confused and hungry. Image: @kamo.mogana
Source: TikTok

A family was left stressed, defeated and hungry after their brother decided to cook blue pap!

Man cooks blue pap for family

A TikTok video shared by @kamo.mogana shows someone stirring the blue-cooked maize meal, and the family's voices can be heard complaining in the background.

They asked why the young man decided to waste food by cooking blue pap, what possessed him, and what they would have for dinner.

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The mother can even be heard saying her son should have cooked his pap in a small pot for himself instead of wasting food and ruining their supper.

The young man responds in amusement, saying he was experimenting and that the odd-coloured pap had flavour.

"We were hungry, but we still didn’t want to eat ," @kamo.mogana said in her caption.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Blue pap has SA cracking jokes

The video sparked laughter and funny comments from netizens who were baffled and amused by the strange pot of blue pap.

pretty said:

"Your mom sounds so sweet ."

MtakaMnceh07 commented:

"Woze Goli. Ay ukuhamba ukubona ngempela (Come to Jozi. To go is to see for real)."

233black said:

"Ayingeke (No ways)."

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user4426811968806 reacted:

"Aii yivale mfana."

Mbali asked:

"Nike na fainta nonke futhi? (You've all fainted before?)."

sego_phant · Friend

"'line flavour' (It has flavour)."

Mzansi woman's 1st time cooking pap ends in disaster

In another story, Briefly News reported that a young lady wanted to have pap, but she messed it up. The lady was at home without her parents and decided to cook for the first time.

Many people were fascinated by the video, which received over 3,000 likes. Online users posted comments about what they thought of her cooking.

@nt.tela posted that she tried to make pap randomly at 10 pm, but it was lumpy. In a video, the lady showed people how she messed up making the staple.

Source: Briefly News

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