“Left No Crumbs”: Little Girl Mimics Pregnant Mother to Join in Dance Challenge

“Left No Crumbs”: Little Girl Mimics Pregnant Mother to Join in Dance Challenge

  • A pregnant mother was left laughing after her daughter thought she also had to show her belly to dance
  • The little girl thoroughly enjoyed herself, stomping her feet and clapping for her adorable performance
  • Social media users took to the comment section to laugh at how cute they found the little one's actions
Little girl mimics pregnant mother to dance with her.
A cute little girl didn't want to miss out on a dance with her pregnant mother. Images: @leigh_and_babyginger
Source: TikTok

A pregnant woman who tried to take on a TikTok dance challenge was interrupted by her daughter, who felt she had to show her belly too.

The woman, known as Leigh, went to the popular social media platform mentioned above to post the video of herself and her tiny tot ready to dance on her account (@leigh_and_babyginger).

Before Leigh (who was showing her pregnant belly) could do anything, her daughter popped into the frame, showing her tummy. She looked at her smiling mother, started dancing by stomping her feet, and ended her performance with a clap.

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The proud mom captioned her post:

"When you're trying to do a challenge, and she also joins with her bump."

Watch the video below:

Internet users laugh at the adorable girl

Members of the online community could not help but laugh at the little one's attempt to look like her mother.

@kijumbuvenas shared what she thought the baby girl was thinking:

"She was like, 'It's my chance.'"

@user2405613325106 shared a similar experience in the comment section:

"My three-year-old makes fun of my bump, too."

When @yikomathebula8 said Leigh's daughter "ate" the dance, the mommy replied:

"And left no crumbs. She even clapped her hands for herself there at the end. Did you see?"

Supportive mom in nightgown records daughter dancing outside

In a related article published earlier this year, Briefly News reported about a mother in a nightgown who adorably filmed her daughter's dance moves in an apartment parking lot.

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Speaking to Briefly News, relationship expert Shelley Lewin said supporting and celebrating your child creates lasting positive memories for children.

The video left many netizens feeling warm and fuzzy as they responded with sweet comments praising the mother for supporting her daughter's interests.

Source: Briefly News

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