Durban Woman Traumatised After Mom Does Her Hair in a Video, SA Cracks Jokes

Durban Woman Traumatised After Mom Does Her Hair in a Video, SA Cracks Jokes

  • One lady in South Africa looked traumatised after her mom did her hair, which left people cracking jokes
  • The TikTok footage gained a massive attraction online, gathering many views along with thousands of likes and comments
  • Mzansi netizens reacted to the lady's clip, flooding the comments section with laughter while some poked fun at her
  • Briefly News spoke to psychologist and relationship expert Penny Holburn about the importance of mother and daughter relationship

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A young lady in Durban took to social media to showcase how her mommy dearest did her hair, which traumatised her.

A TikTok video shows a woman in Durban getting her hair done by her mom, which left her traumatised.
A Durban lady was traumatized by her mother's hairdo in a TikTok video. Image: @sangwenikhwezi3/TikTok and Instagram
Source: UGC

Woman looks traumatised after mom does her hair

This hun had a bonding session with her mother, which many on the internet thought was an adorable gesture. The young lady, who goes by the TikTok handle @sangwenikhwezi3, shared a clip on the video platform showcasing how her mom did her hair.

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Although @sangwenikhwezi3 was enjoying her mother's company, she was left traumatised by the results as she unveiled her hairdo at the end of the clip while showcasing Poppy, the character in the animated film Trolls.

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The footage left many people in laughter, and it became a hit on TikTok, garnering over 646K views and thousands of likes and comments within a day of its publication.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Why is a mother-and-daughter relationship meaningful?

A significant aspect of a woman's life is her relationship with her mother, as it shapes her growth, sense of self, emotional health, and future relationships. According to an expert, here are a few reasons why this relationship is essential for women.

While speaking to Briefly News, Penny Holburn expressed that children are more prone to impressions than adults. The psychologist and relationship expert said children are "like sponges" when absorbing what is happening around them.

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"A daughter will observe her mother and from her learn how a woman behaves, what goals she sets, and generally what it is like to be a women," said Penny.

Penny expressed that the foundations laid in childhood are strong and can persist throughout life without a person knowing where one's beliefs and actions stem from.

"The mother-daughter relationship is so important for the daughter as it defines for her what it means to be a woman in society and how to be a woman. Other females can serve as role models for girl children. However, the mother has the greatest impact. If there is no mother, then a variety of other people may serve as role models. Their influence, however, is usually less strong than for a present mother," she added.

The relationship expert went on to say that having a mother who has good self-esteem, is capable of managing anxieties and has a high sense of self-worth can help a daughter feel safe and develop confidence as she grows older.

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"Such a mother will also set boundaries and appropriate discipline for her daughter. Unfortunately, if the mother is extremely anxious, psychotic, or has untreated mental health problems, her presence could result in her daughter feeling insecure and fearful unless there is another adult around who can provide the security she needs."

SA is in stitches over the lady's hairdo

The video amused many online users. They rushed to the comments section to crack jokes, while others simply laughed it off.

Kagiso shared:

"My aunt once did this hairstyle to me ka photo day at school I was in primary."

Thabang gushed over the lady's hair, saying:

"That's a beautiful hairstyle. Stay indoors, please; the wind is very strong outside."

Tiissy cracked a joke, adding:

"Bathong Queen Charlotte."

Senthaolele wrote:

"This was my signature style at crèche mntase in my time."

Emmanuelle7435 commented:

"She said, “the good old days” Most of our mothers have a picture rocking that hairstyle."

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Briefly News perilously reported on a video of a woman relaxing her child's hair has gone viral online, and people loved the mother-and-daughter duo.

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Source: Briefly News

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