“Father Nailed It”: Hilarious Video Shows Mom and Dad Dressed Like Teenage Daughter, Internet Laughs

“Father Nailed It”: Hilarious Video Shows Mom and Dad Dressed Like Teenage Daughter, Internet Laughs

  • In a TikTok video, a mother and father hilariously dressed up the same way their teenage daughter dressed
  • The parents wore their versions of hot pants and a sports bra to mimic their daughter's outfit
  • The video's comment section filled itself with laughter from internet users who especially commented on the father
  • Dr Tumi, a clinical psychologist, explained to Briefly News how the parents' actions can affect their relationship with their daughter
Mother and father dress like their teenage daughter.
Parents comically dress up like their teenage daughter to teach their child a lesson. Images: @emekaobiefoka
Source: TikTok

A mother and father tried to beat their daughter at her own game when they dressed up and copied her style.

In a TikTok skit shared by the user @emekaobiefoka, a young daughter comes out of her room and is ready to go to the cinema. She is dressed in hot pants and a sports bra, an outfit some may deem inappropriate for young women.

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Behind the camera, the girl's mother asks her:

"Woah, where do you think you're going dressed like that?"

After the girl says she's going to the movies, she tells her mom that everyone dresses in that fashion. The mother, wearing a hoodie, says:

"Let me go and change into something then."

The video cuts to the girl on her phone waiting for her mother. The woman off-camera says she took clothing items — shorts and a sports bra — from her daughter's wardrobe. However, she is not the only one rocking the outfit.

The woman's husband emerges from their room, dressed in shorts and a sports bra, prompting his daughter to change her outfit.

Watch the comical video below:

Clinical psychologist explains effect of parents' actions

Speaking to Briefly News, Dr Keitumetse 'Tumi' Mashego, a clinical and sports psychologist, stated that there is no manual for raising children. There will be misunderstandings along the way, especially with teens or adolescents and their parents or caretakers.

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"With generational experiences, the world we live in today comes with more challenges and risks. This implies that parents need to, at times, be creative in their caregiving.
"Trying to reason sometimes as a parent can be met with defensiveness and arguments. So, in this example, the approach and creativity in the parenting helped the child reconsider their outfit."

Dr Tumi added that children are naive and that there needs to be a discussion of the need to be safe, consequences, self-awareness, responsibility, awareness of how the world can be cruel, and the young one to know that the parent loves them unconditionally.

The performance and life coach concludes:

"A relationship between parents and young ones is a dance. They have to work at it until they find their rhythm that works. In the end, parents need one voice together to be on some similar page with their child, allowing the child also to make mistakes, learn, grow and get up again."

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Online users laugh at the outfit choices

The viral video garnered close to two million views, and thousands of people flocked to the comment section to express their thoughts about the matching outfits, mainly to discuss the father's decision to wear the outfit.

@zandilembhalihlatshwayo, possibly a parent, laughed and wrote:

"You just gave me an idea. No more shouting."

@maimella04 laughed at the dad's outfit, saying:

"Father nailed it."

@khuluma02alex told online users:

"There is a serious lesson here, and I am not going to ignore it."

@pheladi035 wrote in the comment section:

"Parents every teenager must have. Great teamwork, guys."

Woman's father regularly shows his outfits of the day

In a related, heartwarming article posted in May, Briefly News reported about a young woman who showed the internet her beautiful bond with her father, who takes pride in his clothing.

The daughter, who uses the TikTok handle @kachipa1, shared her father's "beige flag" on the social media platform, which warmed internet users' hearts.

Source: Briefly News

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