Mzansi Mom Proves to Have Given Birth to Real-Life Dennis the Menace With Problematic Toddler

Mzansi Mom Proves to Have Given Birth to Real-Life Dennis the Menace With Problematic Toddler

  • We know how problematic the little ones can be, but this mom just cannot believe how problematic her daughter is
  • The mom, Luhle Nxakama, exposed her toddler's behaviour on her TikTok
  • The little girl is seen eating raw porridge from its packaging while he mom is reprimanding her

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A mother on TikTok could not deal with his son’s behaviour and exposed him on the internet.

Mom scolds at son
A Mzansi mom exposed her problematic son on TikTok. Image: @luhlenxakama06
Source: TikTok

The little girl is seen unbothered with AirPods in her ears.

Raising a problematic child

The mom cannot believe her daughter's behaviour and scolds her. The unbothered princess does not mind her furious mom and carries on eating raw porridge from its packaging with AirPods in her ear.

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The scene is hilarious because the mom cannot understand why her little girl is acting the way she is, and the little lady is acting as though her mother does not exist. They appear to be worlds apart as they carried on with their roles.

The mom said to her son:

“You are a problematic bundle of joy. What are those in your ears? What is your problem? What is your problem? My goodness.”

She captioned her post:

“This one is a problem.”

Watch the video below:

Kids will always be kids

Children will always do the most unhinged things, it is their thing. The little ones are always in charge of doing the unthinkable, we can trust them in that department.

Netizens were dusted by the confrontation and added their thoughts in the comments section of the pinned post:

@Mr T is convinced that the little girl can di wonders:

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"This one can survive e res."

@asanda.tee realised something from the toddler:

"I've been wearing my airpods the wrong way this whole time."

@Nthabi made a hilarious comment:

"Bundle of stress."

Little girls are sweethearts

Briefly News also reported that a little girl wowed Mzansi with her grand gesture towards a stranger in a TikTok video. The clip shows the toddler standing close to a man who was in a queue, and she handed him her meal.

The online community reacted to the content, with many praising the child for being so compassionate. The mom added that once her daughter chooses a person, she would leave the food on your lap if you insisted on saying no.

Source: Briefly News

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