Mzansi Woman Misdiagnosed in Thailand With Stomach Infection and Gives Birth

Mzansi Woman Misdiagnosed in Thailand With Stomach Infection and Gives Birth

  • A woman on TikTok, Witney, announced her pregnancy experience on TikTok
  • Witney told her 3.1 million followers how she was diagnosed with a stomach infection in Thailand all the while she was pregnant
  • Netizens roasted the lady’s pregnancy journey, hoping that they don’t ever experience a false diagnosis like she did

A Mzansi lady in Thailand was misdiagnosed with a stomach infection.

Woman finds out that she is pregnant after stomach infection
A Mzansi woman was misdiagnosed with a stomach infection in Thailand all the while she was pregnant. @witney8
Source: TikTok

A woman named Witney fell very sick overseas, and doctors in Thailand diagnosed her with a stomach infection.

Early signs of pregnancy

A Mzansi lady and popular TikTokker, Witney fell ill in Thailand. Witney was misdiagnosed with a stomach infection overseas when she experienced significant discomfort in her abdomen.

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Pregnancy has different ways of announcing symptoms in the early stages. Women experience different symptoms at various stages.

The most famous symptom is having symptoms resembling a stomach infection, which Witney experienced. Witney wondered why the doctors in Thailand did not make her undergo the necessary tests to give her a proper diagnosis.

Witney captioned her clip:

“I don’t understand why they didn't make me pee like they always do in South Africa."

Watch the video below:

Finding out you’re pregnant

Women find out that they are pregnant in many different ways. Some have a smooth pregnancy, while some experience significant difficulties. Briefly, News spoke to a young mom from Cape Town about how she found out about her first pregnancy.

The mom, Asakhe Memani, they told Briefly that:

“I remember I first missed my period for the first two months. I didn’t think about me being pregnant, I thought I was having irregular periods since it happen from time to time. Then I become nauseous during a ride to town this one time, and I never get those lol.Told my bf that I needed to get checked out. We bought the test at clicks and did it after. The first one was invalid it showed nothing, my bf was like maybe you are not pregnant bro, I was like nah let’s do another one.

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"The second one showed 1 dark line and 1 fainted, I thought if someone is pregnant, it showed two dark lines. Went to the clinic early morning just to make sure again and they verified that I was about 3 months and a few weeks old. I was terrified, but I thought the sooner I let my mother know, the better. She was livid when I told her the first day, but she was cool the next day, offering me food and all sorts. I guess it was the shock that made her go off.
"Anyway my pregnancy wasn’t nice at all, I didn’t have an appetite throughout, no cravings, and just wanted drinks because I was always thirsty. My bump didn’t show too, and I’m grateful for that because I didn’t want to be seen with a huge tummy so my baby made sure not to show herself."

This is what netizens had to say:

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@Mmakomane Khutlang|| Youtuber complimented the new mom:

"What a beautiful stomach infection."

@Neilwe Joy rejects this kind of infection:

"Yoh May this stomach infection never locate me."

@KH@NY@ shared her misdiagnosis experience:

"5 doctors confirmed I had Ulcers, my Ulcer is 18 months now."

@iria_Aame has her own infection to deal with:

"Not me reading this with my stomach infection…muna help me ooo."

Controversial pregnancies on TikTok

Briefly News reported that a young lady took to social media to reveal that she was afraid to tell her dad that she was pregnant. In the TikTok video, she unveiled her pregnancy journey, which touched many people on the internet.

The online community reacted to the woman's clip as they showered her with heartwarming messages. @cleotaryncupido's dad went as far as to plan her baby shower after she stated she did not want one because she was full of emotions and missing her mom.

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Source: Briefly News

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