Old Lady’s Invention: Grandma Shows New Moms How to Save Money on Baby Essentials

Old Lady’s Invention: Grandma Shows New Moms How to Save Money on Baby Essentials

  • A woman on TikTok left her child with her mother for 10 minutes and came back to a homemade safe to chair
  • The lady was in awe of how quickly the mother turned a simple cardboard box into a relaxed and comfortable chair for her baby 
  • Wendy shared the excellent grandma invention on TikTok, where netizens admired the comfy seat

A woman on TikTok, Wendy, left her baby with her mum for 10 minutes and returned to a stunning transformation.

Grandma makes cool DIY baby seat
A woman left her baby with her mom for ten minutes and returned to a cool DIY baby seat. Image: @wendies_thicky
Source: TikTok

The lady could not believe how quickly her mother could comfort her baby with a recycle box.

Grandma saves on baby essentials 

At this point, every mother complains about the price of baby essentials. From baby cots to car seats to bottles to food, the baby is the most luxurious human on the planet, as it has expensive needs.

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This mom left her young one with their grandma and returned to an invention that only cost them a recycled box. The baby seemed uncomfortable in their modern and luxurious seat, so the grandmother considered introducing the 90s to the family.

She recycled an old cardboard box into a comfortable seat for the baby, who then stopped fussing as he watched cartoons on television. The box was a huge lifesaver the mother shared with her TikTok followers.

Watch the video below:

Bringing old skool back 

The grandma’s cardboard invention amazed many on TikTok. This inspired Briefly News to reach out to another grandma, Thandi Ngqwebo, who has seven grandchildren, on how she raised her babies back in the day. The grandma highlighted that:

“Babies have always been expensive as little humans deserve extra care. These sensitive people do not need all the glitz and glam that modern moms are so obsessed with these days.

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"We used to recycle fruit boxes to train our little ones to sit up; we also used socks instead of mittens. I only spent money on baby food the most. Remember, that baby will outgrow all that designer stuff in a month or so, so spend wisely unless you have a lot of money.”

Netizens were amazed by the grandma’s invention and commented:

@Valentinemasekela bets on old school practices:

"But old methods are still the best."

@Zee_Onceya realises that moms spend mom unnecessarily:

"This proves that some of the things we buy for our kids are very unnecessary, look at baby."

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