Young Woman's TikTok Shows Unexpected Job as a Bouncer After 15 Years of Schooling, SA Relates

Young Woman's TikTok Shows Unexpected Job as a Bouncer After 15 Years of Schooling, SA Relates

  • A young woman took to social media to share her reality of working as a bouncer at a restaurant and lounge
  • The video shows her at her job as she reveals how she went to school for more than 15 years only to end up in an unlikely profession
  • The video sparked various comments from netizens who related to the woman and motivated her to keep her head up
young woman who works as bouncer
A woman opened up about working as a bouncer at a restaurant, despite having spent over 15 years in education. Image: @youlovethando
Source: Instagram

There is a sad reality in Mzansi that striving to get a good education doesn't necessarily guarantee a great job.

Woman opens up about bouncer job

A young woman, who goes by @youlovethando on TikTok, knows this pain too well.

She posted a video on TikTok showing her dressed formally in all-black as she stands at the door of a restaurant and lounge establishment with a menu.

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In her post, she revealed that she went to school for over 15 years only to be a pretty bouncer at the door.

Mzansi reacts to woman's job

@youlovethando's video garnered many views and comments from Mzansi netizens who could identify with the frustration of working a job they didn't necessarily like, much less study for, to get by.

Others also encouraged @youlovethando to stay positive and told her that things would look up for her eventually.

FreshBlu said:

"Nxese mama kuzokhanya, xhumana nomdali ne dlozi, all the best."

Annitha responded:

"Girl you’re not alone. I did law for four years now I'm a call center agent ."

tiktokuser69721 reacted:

"Head of Door Management ‍♀️."

Thandokuhle responded:

"Waze wamuhle umuntu wesfazane."

PontshoTsenasi replied:

"This is just a season...your story is just begininng ❤."

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Mehlomamba wrote:

"Oksalayo you’re pretty. A win is a win."

Nina commented:

"In this journey of life bazalwane."

First Born Ya Papa❤️ replied:

"I mean a tleast uyiPretty bouncer Thando."

Putin said:

"Impilo izokumangaza."

LLB graduate complains about working at call centre

In another story, Briefly News reported that an LLB graduate took to TikTok to complain about the high unemployment rate in SA.

She expressed her frustration about working in a call centre because her dream of being a candidate attorney has not been realised yet.

The lady said she made a TikTok video because she wanted to make other youngsters pursuing the qualification to be aware. She added that not everyone will get a job with the big law firms.

Source: Briefly News

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