Young Woman's Astounding Weight Loss Story Leaves Internet in Awe, Shares TikTok Video

Young Woman's Astounding Weight Loss Story Leaves Internet in Awe, Shares TikTok Video

  • A young woman shared her weight loss journey, and people online were astonished by the results
  • The video gathered over 19 million views, along with thousands of likes and many comments on the video platform
  • The lady's clip sparked comments from viewers who were both impressed and struggling with their weight loss journeys
  • Briefly News spoke to fitness trainer and Sensai Gregory William Knipe on the effective ways to lose weight

A young woman posted an inspiring TikTok video showing her weight loss transformation.

A woman took to TikTok to showcase her weight loss journey and people were impressed.
A young woman shared her extraordinary weight loss journey, which went viral on TikTok. Image: @aem.x
Source: TikTok

Lady shows off weight loss

@aem.x posted an image of herself before her weight loss journey. The young woman was dressed in a yellow dress and appeared to be a bridesmaid in the photo she shared on TikTok. As the clip continued, she unveiled her gradual weight loss journey, and people were amazed by the final results. Ladies camped in her comments section inquiring about her secret to losing weight.

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The young stunner's video captured the attention of many people online as it generated over 19 million views, thousands of likes, and many comments on TikTok.

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Watch the video below:

People were impressed by @aem.x's weight loss journey

Social media users reacted to the video by asking about how @aem.x managed to lose, while others shared their struggles and asked the young woman for tips.

Sierra said:

"Number one tip for weight loss, anyone I'm drawing."

Shadow wrote:

"This was all I needed to see to start my weight loss journey. I’m beautiful now, but I can’t wait to see the weight loss glow up on me."

Yufenyuyrelindis added:

"I started my weight loss journey like 6 days ago and have already lost 3kg, and I was so shocked."

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Kari gushed over the woman, saying:

"You did that, mama."

Emina e commented:

"You were beautiful before, and you are now."

User simply said:

"It’s the discipline for me, you’re amazing!"

The most effective way to lose weight, brought to you by an expert

Losing weight is not always easy, as it requires discipline and hard work, according to fitness trainer Gregory William Knipe, who shared the following insight with Briefly News on how one can lose weight. Gregory William Knipe said the most effective weight-loss workout routine is "circuit training and a combination of aerobic training."

"Circuit training essentially is where you combine your aerobics for fitness movement for the lightweight routine," he shared.

The sensai also added that one can structure their cardio workouts to maximise fat burning by combining "weights to burn fat."

"Doing cardio for an intensive time, where you really build up your cardiovascular movement that gets the heart rate pumping, so instead of a short 30 seconds to a minute, you have to do at least four minutes of intensive exercises to burn fat. There is a combination of that as you have to conduct a diet as well, but the exercise part has to be high-intensity training," he added.

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Woman shows off massive weight loss in TikTok video, loses 161kg

In another similar story, Briefly News reported a young woman left social media users amazed after she revealed she lost 161 kilograms.

The woman, who goes by the name of Tumie More on TikTok, has been documenting her weight loss journey on the video platform and uses her TikTok to provide weight loss inspiration and resources to those looking to drop a few pounds.

Source: Briefly News

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