“Your Food Is So Good”: Woman Buys R40k Mobile Kitchen at 21, Mzansi Shows Support

“Your Food Is So Good”: Woman Buys R40k Mobile Kitchen at 21, Mzansi Shows Support

  • An entrepreneur shared that at 21, she spent R40,000 on a mobile kitchen to start a business in the food industry
  • The young woman shared with Briefly News that she used the money from her first business to make the second work
  • Social media users in the comment section applauded the woman for her skills and wished her business well

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Woman buys mobile kitchen at 21 years old.
A young entrepreneur shared that at 21, she decided to purchase a mobile kitchen. Images: @thee.kasm
Source: Instagram

Some people entering their twenties think about providing for themselves and looking towards the goals they set for their futures.

One Pretoria-based woman did just that and took a leap of faith when she kickstarted her second company.

Khumo Mbatha, the owner of The Smash n Grill Box, took to her business's TikTok account (@smashngrill_box) to briefly share her story. She stated:

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"I took a risk and bought a mobile kitchen at 21."

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In the video, Khumo showed viewers her business selling fast foods such as smash burgers, loaded fries, and sandwiches.

Watch the video below:

Mobile kitchen owner talks business

Khumo chatted with Briefly News, where the young moneymaker provided information about the business.

She shared that she paid R40,000 for the trailer after gaining funds from her first business, a skincare brand she started at 19.

"I have always had a passion for food outside of skincare, and I don’t limit myself to a specific industry. That also made it easy for me to venture out of my comfort zone. If I identify an opportunity, I go for it."

The business-minded woman also shared the difficulties she encountered as an entrepreneur working in a mobile kitchen:

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"The biggest challenge I have faced was getting documentation for the kitchen and getting a good location to trade.
"Even after receiving documentation and finding a good spot, I had to fight because, as a young black female, there will be people trying to shut you down and come in the way of your success, but with dedication, hard work and persistence, I am overcoming those challenges daily."

Netizens applaud young woman's hustle

Khumo's video captured the attention of over 200,000 people at the time of publishing. Some social media users took to the entrepreneur's comment section to show their support for her business.

Most likely a customer, @718_dexter, wrote:

"Your food is so good. Big ups."

@user522810299310 sent their well-wishes to the business owner:

"Well done, and all the best on your business venture."

@jessica01m1 told Khumo:

"Slowly but surely, you will get there. As long as you have the passion, trust the process."

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Loving what they saw, @smurfy207 commented:

"That's a quality burger right there. I definitely need to come support you."

@spitjos_baseline_grill ensured the young lady:

"That's not a risk, my sister. That's an investment."

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Palesa Motaung, who sells cabbages for a living, inspired many to chase and follow their dreams.

Source: Briefly News

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