Foreign Nationals Cross Beitbridge Border From Zimbabwe in Front of Herman Mashaba in Viral Videos

Foreign Nationals Cross Beitbridge Border From Zimbabwe in Front of Herman Mashaba in Viral Videos

  • Scores of illegal immigrants crossed the border into South Africa from Zimbabwe in the presence of ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba
  • Mashaba visited the Beitbridge border and managed to capture a handful of people crossing into SA on video
  • He told Briefly News that a few minutes after he and his companions arrived, they saw people streaming into the country
  • Netizens want government to explain why it's not monitoring borders

Tebogo Mokwena, a Briefly News current affairs journalist in South Africa, covered policy changes and elections at Daily Sun and Vutivi Business News for over seven years.

Herman Mashaba watched as foreign nationals crossed the Beitbridge border into South Africa.
South Africans shared in Herman Mashaba's frustration as he watched foreign nationals cross the border. Images: Herman Mashaba
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ActionSA president and the former City of Johannesburg Mayor was appalled when foreign nationals crossed the border in front of his eyes. Mashaba took videos in which a few brave souls crossed the Beitbridge border. Mashaba slammed the government and blamed the lack of border control in the area.

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Foreign nationals cross the border in videos

Mashaba posted the videos on his X account, @HermanMashaba. The video was taken on Monday, 27 November 2023. In the first video, a person runs across the border from Zimbabwe, illegally entering the country. The next video shows another figure crossing the border unlawfully and entering the country.

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In a statement Mashaba released earlier, he blamed the dysfunctional condition of the Border Management Authority, launched last year to monitor the border. He also criticised the ruling party, the African National Congress, for not having the political will to address the issue of border control. Watch the videos here.

Mashaba discloses the number of border-crossers

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Mashaba told Briefly News how many people he estimates crossed the border.

“We can’t put an exact number as there were quite a few crossing in the 20 minutes we were at that point. Those two clips of people crossing were the only two I caught on camera, but there were more. As soon as we arrived at the fence, we started seeing people trying to cross illegally.”

South Africans demand an answer

Netizens were furious when they saw the videos and called on government to answer.

Tebogo Koma asked:

“Home Affairs, what is going on here? Didn’t you promise that BMA will seal all borders? ANC must stop playing with people. All our tax money to BMA is being chowed while borders remain porous.”

One Nation SA – Corruption Buster wanted to know:

“Mr Mashaba, did you happen to see any of Minister Motsoaledi’s new border guard out on patrol? I wonder if it was just another big waste of money and someone got a big tender to supply the Toyota Landcruisers?"

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R&R's Son suggested:

“They’re coming to buy bread in Musina and head back.”

Siphesihle Mashele didn't believe him.

“As much as people do it illegally, there’s no need to stage it. You can wait for them. They will come.”

Herman Mashaba blames ANC for inadequate employment creation

Similarly, Briefly News reported that Herman Mashaba accused the ANC of running out of ideas to create employment.

This was after Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana delivered his Mid-Term Budget Policy Speech on 1 November, in which he announced that the government would cut spending and raise taxes. Mashaba reiterated his call for citizens to ensure they are registered to vote.

Source: Briefly News

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