Fikile Mbalula Roasted for Calling Deceased ANC Member His Daughter

Fikile Mbalula Roasted for Calling Deceased ANC Member His Daughter

  • South Africans were unhappy with the African National Congress’s secretary-general, Fikile Mbalula
  • This was after Mbalula posted a picture of an ANC member who had passed away, calling her his daughter
  • South Africans roasted him and accused him of misleading them into thinking it was his biological child

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Fikile Mbalula came under fire for calling a deceased ANC member his daughter
Fikile Mbalula incurred the wrath of South Africans for calling a dead party member his child. Images: Darren Stewart/Gallo Images via Getty Images and Aaron Amat
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JOHANNESBURG – The secretary-general of the African National Congress, Fikile Mbalula, came under fire after calling a deceased member of the ANC his daughter. Many were upset that they thought they were sympathising with him losing his real daughter.

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Mbalula slammed on X

Mbalula posted the image on his account, @MbalulaFikile. The tweet was a picture of a member of the ANC that had reportedly died. He did not specify what she died from. He captioned his photo:

“This is my daughter working in my office.”

View the post here:

South Africans felt misled

Netizens felt that Mbalula misled them by calling him his daughter, making them think she was his biological child.

Cameron Peters said:

“You have us out here writing long messages of condolences directed to the wrong families. We are even confusing ancestors because of how you talk.”

Sthamber said:

“You confused many people. That is the typical way of doing things at the ANC.”

Emkem asked:

“Why are you confusing us?”

Kgomotso Tlhapane said:

“Using someone’s death for clout is not on at all. Condolences to the family.”

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Mark said:

“Let’s hope the ancestors have a good sense of humour.”

Netizens come to Fikile Mbalula’s defence

In a related article, Briefly News reported that South Africans defended Fikile Mbalula after netizens attacked him.

Mbalula, in a video, explained that some members of the ANC obtained qualifications without matric certificates because of a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Netizens roasted him for defending party members, but others explained that the RPL is a legitimate way of obtaining qualifications without matriculation.

Source: Briefly News

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