SAPS Closes N1 Road in Limpopo To Facilitate Sangomas Cleansing Ceremony, TikTok Video Goes Viral

SAPS Closes N1 Road in Limpopo To Facilitate Sangomas Cleansing Ceremony, TikTok Video Goes Viral

  • The South African Police Service (SAPS) closed the N1 route in Limpopo to facilitate an annual sangoma cleansing ceremony
  • The TikTok video capturing the unique ritual that happened a few days ago quickly went viral
  • The mass sangoma ceremony sparked heated debates among citizens, with some praising the spiritual approach to lower road fatalities
Traditional healers on the N1 in Limpopo
Traditional healers performed a cleansing ceremony on the N1 road in Limpopo. Image: @newsnexussa
Source: TikTok

LIMPOPO - The South African Police Service (SAPS) took an unconventional approach to address the rising concerns about the notorious N1 route's danger during the December holiday

They temporarily closed the route in Limpopo to allow sangomas to perform an annual cleansing ceremony. This move aims to ensure safety for travellers during the festive season.

Video captures sangoma ritual on N1

A TikTok video posted by @newsnexussa showing the cleansing ceremony gained traction on social media. It currently has 638,000 views and thousands of comments.

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Mzansi discuss cleansing ceremony

The highway footage sparked both fascination and scepticism among SA people.

While some applauded the approach for spiritual protection, others argued that the real culprit behind fatal accidents is drunk drivers.

Watch the video below:

Netizens pray for safe travels

The comments section is filled with prayers and safe travel wishes for travellers during the festive season.

@maepalesetja said:

"I don't trust sangomas. I'm sorry."

@MadrePayne commented:

"In the name Of Jesus, we pray for the peace and safety of all people travelling this holiday season."

@MufasaSbu posted:

"This will not prevent accidents, people must obey the rules of road."

@khomotsomams asked:

"How sure are we that those rituals performed there are for cleansing?"

@Adonai mentioned:

"There's no divine intervention here, they are bringing more darkness to prey on the blood of the innocent, may God intervene."

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@Rarang suggested:

"Always before leaving your destination, pray for protection, pray for God to descend his angels to cover you, rebuke all spirits of evil/accidents."

@queosborn added:

"Finally we are doing things the African way. Thank you Mvelinqangi."

@moniccam5 posted:

"They’re making things worse. ‍♀️"

@motlatsi motlatsi asked:

"Am not against this but what if bazo thwala dingaka tse?"

Botlokwa accident claims 8 lives

In another article, Briefly News reported that a tragic head-on collision between a minibus taxi and a sedan on the N1 in Botlokwa, Limpopo, resulted in the death of eight people and numerous injuries.

Emergency responders utilised the jaws of life to remove victims from the wreckage. One critically injured passenger was airlifted to a Polokwane hospital.

Source: Briefly News

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