Protesters Blocking Several Roads Across Durban, Including the N3 Highway in Both Directions

Protesters Blocking Several Roads Across Durban, Including the N3 Highway in Both Directions

  • Protesters, primarily taxi drivers, have blocked several major roads in Durban, including the N3 highway, causing significant traffic disruptions on 24 May 2024
  • Similar blockades occurred on the N2 near Port Shepstone on 23 May, likely in response to police impounding taxi vehicles
  • Heightened security measures and potential clashes are expected in both areas
N3 Pinetown Bound is completely blocked off
A taxi blockade on the N3 near Pavilion, both Durban-bound and Pinetown-bound, has left the route completely blocked off by a truck as part of the protest. Images: @ECR_Newswatch/ Supplied
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Following a warning of disruptions ahead of the elections, protesters blocked several significant roads across Durban this morning, including the N3 highway in both directions.

The roadblocks, reportedly orchestrated by taxi drivers, have significantly disrupted traffic flow in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

Key areas affected by the protests include the Pavilion, Greyville and Umgeni Road.

Warning reports on the protests

In a warning report issued by Crisis24, eyewitnesses reported that taxi drivers had parked their vehicles across multiple lanes, causing traffic to stop completely.

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Additionally, some protesters have set objects on fire, further exacerbating the situation.

See the post below:

Authorities are responding with increased security measures in the impacted regions. The disruptions are expected to delay local transportation and business operations significantly.

There is a risk of opportunistic looting targeting stationary vehicles, including private cars and cargo trucks.

Tensions remain high and confrontations between taxi drivers, commuters and law enforcement officers could occur, especially if police directives are ignored or if public violence ensues.

Minibus taxi strike, protests disrupting travel

In a related incident on 23 May, minibus taxi operators blocked the N2 highway near Port Shepstone, also in KwaZulu-Natal.

The blockades extended to downtown intersections and the town's entry and exit points. While the exact motive for these actions is unclear, sources suggest it may be a response to recent police operations that impounded several taxi vehicles.

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Port Shepstone, located approximately 110 km (70 miles) south of Durban, is experiencing similar security measures and travel disruptions.

As in Durban, there is a potential for opportunistic looting and violent clashes between demonstrators and authorities.

Travellers should seek alternative routes and stay updated on the evolving situation to avoid affected areas.

Truck strike in Gauteng and KZN

Although it's still unconfirmed, the protest might be linked to the truck strike by workers from the Dynamic People’s Union (DPYUSA) in South Africa's Gauteng, Mpumalanga and KZN provinces.

The workers went on strike this week, demanding higher wages and improved working conditions.

According to SABC News, union and company warehouse employees perform tasks without adequate personal protective equipment or receiving danger allowances.

Some forecourts are concerned about the strike's impact on deliveries, especially for products exclusively supplied by SG Convenience, while others have made alternative plans.

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The strike has also affected some consumers and no clear end exists.

Taxi driver's protest brings Durban CBD to a standstill

Briefly News previously reported that angry taxi drivers in the Durban CBD blockaded roads and began protesting against their vehicles being impounded.

Incidents of looting were also reported; however, the looters allegedly jumped on the taxi drivers’ bandwagon.

The South African National Taxi Council spokesperson called for an end to the protests and said there could not be a lawless society.

Source: Briefly News

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