Kenyan House Construction Progress and R122K Building Costs Stuns TikTok Users

Kenyan House Construction Progress and R122K Building Costs Stuns TikTok Users

  • A TikTok video showcasing the construction of a house in Kenya got people buzzing on the platform
  • People were stunned that R122k has been used for building costs so far on the three-bedroom house
  • The builder shared valuable advice, by highlighting the importance of careful planning and financial management
Social media users marvelled at a house being built in Kenya
A video of a house being built in Kenya grabbed TikTokkers' attention. Image: Stock photo/Getty and @peddobrian/TikTok
Source: UGC

The construction of a house in Kenya was documented by one man in a TikTok video.

Dream house taking shape

The dream house is seen being raised from the ground, with each brick laid and wall raised.

In a 30-day progress update, the video posted by @peddobrian reveals that R122,000 went into the building costs so far.

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Viewers were impressed by the remarkable progress made. The transparency in sharing the financial details of the project earned netizens's praise and admiration.

Valuable advice shared

The builder shared his simple yet insightful advice for the construction of the house from the foundation up.

"The secret is to plan every step and account for every coin."

Watch the video below:

Kenyan shillings amount dribbles South Africans

While some South Africans were confused by the shillings amount mentioned in the video, smart viewers quickly converted the costs to make it easier for others to understand.

Read a few comments below:

@Ofentsemokgau146 asked:

"What currency is this before you confuse us any further? "

@SpheNgcobo mentioned:

"Guys he is using shilling, so it's R122k he has used and R230k he is expecting to use in total. "

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@NevRecka wrote:

"849400 = R121,915 in South Africa in case you are wondering. Which is very cheap for such a project."

@RCiedge shared:

"My dad built a 5 bedroom, 2 garages, kitchen, lounge, 2 bathrooms for less than R300k in Umtata. Building it by himself."

@LarryElPadrino stated:

"Having such windows shows it's not Mzansi. "

@Beamsme posted:

"I have no building experience but that can’t be in rands."

@Trinitymadzhiga added:

"For a moment I thought this was South African rand yoh."

@dakalo_nenngwekhulu suggested:

"Normalise writing the currency, some of us nearly collapsed."

Woman shows house built with R4900 salary

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that a woman had social media users amazed and inspired after sharing how she had managed to build a beautiful house from the ground up on a basic salary.

A video posted on TikTok shows the progress and construction of a house being built from scratch all through to completion, showing a neat and beautiful house.

Source: Briefly News

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