Husband Devastated After Finding Wife Half-Swallowed by 9.1-Metre-Long Python in Forest

Husband Devastated After Finding Wife Half-Swallowed by 9.1-Metre-Long Python in Forest

  • A 30-year-old woman from South Sulawesi was attacked and killed by a 30-foot python in a forest while heading to the market
  • Her brother, who was waiting to accompany her to buy her sick three-year-old son medicine, was concerned when she took too long to arrive
  • He eventually informed her husband, who began tracking her route, only to find her being consumed by the python in the forest

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Indonesia - A family in Siteba village in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi, is grieving after a relative was fatally attacked by a 9.1-metre-long python.

30-year-old woman was fatally attacked by a snake.
A man found his wife half-eaten by a python. The incident happened in Indonesia. Photo: Jacob Wackerhausen.
Source: UGC

Brother's horror as sister does not pitch

On Tuesday, 3 July, Siriati, 30, was en route to meet her brother to go to the market together to purchase medicine for her sick three-year-old son. When she didn't show up, her worried brother informed her husband, who promptly retraced her path.

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How did Siriati's husband find her?

Upon reaching the forest, he discovered her sandals and was devastated to find a large snake consuming his wife almost halfway through. Her legs protruded from the snake's mouth, as Metro reported.

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"Her brother waited a long time, but the victim didn’t arrive. Consequently, he contacted the victim’s husband, who revealed that Siriati had been missing since early morning. Subsequently, the husband embarked on a search for his wife and discovered her sandals on the forest road. Suspecting a snake attack due to the presence of snake tracks, he found the victim dragged about five meters from the spot," read the report in part.

He courageously killed the snake, retrieved her remains, and contacted the authorities.

Walenrang Police Chief, Adjunct Police Commissioner Idul, reported that the mother of five's body was discovered undamaged, except for a leg injury believed to be from a snake bite.

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"We think it was a snake bite. After being bitten, it immediately wrapped itself around the leg and finally paralysed the victim," Idul said.

Missing mother of 4 found dead inside belly of 4-metre-long python

In a similar story, Briefly News shared that Farida was reported missing when she failed to return home at night, prompting a search. During a search mission, the villagers spotted a python with a large belly and cut it open.

They found the 50-year-old woman, fully clothed, inside the 4-metre-long reptile.


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