Sacred Relationships Teasers for August 2021: It's the series finale!

Sacred Relationships Teasers for August 2021: It's the series finale!

Sacred Relationships teasers for August 2021 are out. As the season wraps up, the most despicable events are bound to take place. Will your favourite Sacred Relationships cast members end up together? Will the villain in the Sacred Relationships storyline face the consequences of their actions? Check out the snippets of these highlights for more details.

Sacred Relationships storyline
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The Sacred Relationships storyline features Mishti and Abir's budding relationship and how much opposition they face as they fight to be together. Mishti changes her mind about having children, and Abir supports her. However, the doctor disappoints them when he confirms her inability to conceive. They agree to have a surrogate, and Kuhu volunteers to be their surrogate. However, her strained relationship with Mishti forces her to contemplate procuring an abortion. Will she let them down? Check out these Sacred Relationships teasers for August 2021 for more details.

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Sacred Relationships teasers for August 2021

As the Sacred Relationships episodes wrap up, Kuhu persists with her threats, and Meenakshi pledges her loyalty to Mishti. Mishti worries about Kuhu bailing out on her and how much misery she will suffer if she does so. However, Abir comforts her and promises to do all it takes to ensure they have their baby.

Sunday, 1st of August 2021

Episode 354

Kuhu gets a clean bill of health and is allowed to go back home. Elsewhere, Abir and Mishti worry about their baby, and the rest of the family is exhilarated when the new parents bring their baby home.

Episode 355

The family marks Dandiya night, and as the celebration goes on, Mishti and her baby get into a dangerous situation. Luckily, Meenakshi shows up on time to rescue them. After the celebration, Kuhu suggests that the baby should be named Amish! Does the name have anything to do with her past?

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Kuhu fulfills her promise to Mishti and carries the pregnancy to term. When the doctors hand Mishti the baby, she has mixed reactions about her capacity to raise the baby and how risky her situation is. However, Abir puts her worries to rest. When she gets home, the family celebrates her, and Kuhu suggests the baby's name. Does it have any connection to her past?

Sacred Relationships teasers for August 2021 must have evoked a rollercoaster of emotions on how the show ends. You have not come this far to miss the season's final episodes. Sacred Relationships airs on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 21h00 and 21h30.

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