What is the biggest mall in the world? Top 10 list of the best

What is the biggest mall in the world? Top 10 list of the best

Do you like travelling and shopping? Then this is yours! Nothing beats the feeling of getting all you need within the same circumference. It saves time and the cost of travelling from one place to another to get different commodities. As a traveller, you, therefore, need to know the biggest mall in the world.

biggest mall in Africa
The SM Megamall. Photo: @smmega
Source: Instagram

A shopping center enables you to shop all you need under one roof. It also gives the pleasure to compare goods from one stall to another. The comparison can be in terms of price, quality, origin and many more. Before travelling then, it's essential to know the malls you are likely to get to your destination. Which is the biggest mall in the world 2021?

Top 10 list of the biggest mall in the world 2021

The biggest malls in the world are amazing to visit. The list below consists of the popular places in no particular order. They have been identified due to the spaces they occupy. Generally, this is their square feet to generate revenue through activities like restaurants, retails, and entertainment. So, what is the top 10 biggest mall in the world? Let's take a look!

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1. Istanbul Cevahil

biggest mall in Asia
The Istanbul Cevahil. Photo: @istanbul_cevahir
Source: Instagram

The Istanbul Cevahil is located on the Eastern side of Istanbul in Turkey. It measures 3.47 million square feet. The center started operating in 2005. It has been ranked as the largest shopping centre in Europe.

Instanbul Cevahil has 34 fast food restaurants, 343 shops and 14 exclusive restaurants. In addition, it has other fantastic facilities are a large events stage, 12 cinema halls, a bowling hall, a roller coaster and other entertainment facilities.

2. Mall of Africa

biggest mall in Africa
Mall of Africa. Photo: @_themllofafrica
Source: Instagram

The shopping centre is located in Waterfall City, Midrand, Gauteng. It is considered the biggest mall in Africa. The shopping centre occupies a retail area of 13,000 square metres and a gross area of 550,000 square metres. Its outdoor restaurant plaza connects directly to Waterfall City Park.

It was built in 2012 and opened its doors on April 28, 2016. It has fifty lift/ elevators and 6,500 parking bays. The center has hosted international brands as tenants. These brands include Woolworths, Game hypermarkets, Checkers Hyper, H&M, Cotton On and Forever 21.

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3. Dubai Mall

biggest mall in canada
The Dubai Arcade. Photo: @thedubaimll
Source: Instagram

The shopping centre is located in the heart of Dubai town. The prestigious arena has more than 1300 retail outlets with two anchor department stores. The anchor stores are Galleries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s. Moreover, it has over 200 food and beverage outlets.

Is Dubai mall the biggest mall in the world? It has been listed as one of the biggest arcades in the world over the years based on the total area it covers.

4. West Edmonton Mall

biggest mall in Canada
The West Edmonton. Photo: @official_wem
Source: Instagram

West Edmonton is located in Edmonton, Alberta. It is the biggest mall in Canada, and it started in 1981. The center occupies a gross area of approximately 5,300,000 square feet. It holds over 800 stores with services including nine attractions, two hotels, over 100 dining venues and parking that accommodates more than 20,000 vehicles.

5. SM Mall of Asia

second biggest mall in the world
The SM Arcade of Asia. Photo: @themllofasiaofficial
Source: Instagram

Which is the biggest mall in Asia? SM Mall of Asia is the biggest in Asia. It is located in Metro Manila, Philippines. It opened its doors in 2006, and it consists of four buildings that are interconnected by walkways. In addition, the center has a 20-seater tram that takes shoppers around.

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Among its unique attractions is the IMAX theatre, with one of the world's largest 3D screens. In addition, it has an Olympic – size skating rink that accommodates both recreational and competitive figure skating.

6. New South China

biggest mall in Canada
The New South China. Photo: @natural_sm2
Source: Instagram

New South China is located in Dongguan, China, and it is the biggest mall in Asia based on its gross leasable area. It was opened in 2005. Despite being big, the shopping centre has lacked occupants since its inception.

More than 90% of its stores are vacant, making it the ghost arcade of the world. In addition, several Western fast-food chains occupy only the areas near the entrance. It features an indoor-outdoor roller coaster and seven zones, which are modelled on international cities, including a replica of Arc de Triomphe.

7. Golden Resources

biggest mall in Africa
The Golden Resources. Photo: @nepoknohu
Source: Instagram

The Golden Resources is located near the northwest Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, opened in 2004. It is currently the second biggest mall in the world, with a total retail area of 557,419 square feet.

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The center features 1000+ stores and services. During construction, it had an estimated 50,000 shoppers per day. It, however, has not achieved the target. The reason could be the expensive nature of goods sold inside, which is far beyond the purchasing ability of most Chinese.

8. SM Megamall

the biggest malls in the world
The SM Megamall. Photo: @smmegamll
Source: Getty Images

This shopping center is located in Metro Manila, Philippines, and it was opened in 1991. It occupies a gross space of 3.6 square feet with a capacity of 4 million people. It attracts more than 800,000 people daily. It is made up of two main buildings.

The first building hosts cinemas, a bowling alley, food courts and the Toy Kingdom. The second building features retail shops, and the connecting Bridgeway has numerous eateries.

9. Central World

Second biggest mall in the world
The Central World Arcade. Photo: @world_news_app
Source: Instagram

This shopping centre is an eight-story building located in Bangkok. It is the largest in Thailand, and it was opened in 1990. The center hosts 495 stores and services. It also has a parking capacity of 7,000 vehicles.

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10. Siam Paragon

biggest mall in Asia
The Siam Paragon. Photo: @siamparagonshopping
Source: Instagram

It is located in Thailand and covers an area of 3.22 square feet and consists of various speciality stores and restaurants, a multiplex movie theatre, the Siam Ocean World aquarium, Thai Art Gallery and opera concert hall.

Shopping malls have made shopping exciting and accessible over the years. Besides shopping, the biggest malls in the world offer entertainment features that make the visitors enjoy their stay.

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