The Pretoria Zoo entrance fees, activities, and camping costs for 2023

The Pretoria Zoo entrance fees, activities, and camping costs for 2023

The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, commonly known as the Pretoria Zoo, is an 85-hectare zoo home to numerous species of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. It is an excellent spot for tourists, school groups, and families. Discover the Pretoria Zoo entrance fee below.

Pretoria zoo prices
The Pretoria Zoo entrance fees. Photo:, @pixabay
Source: UGC

The Pretoria Zoo has the largest inland marine aquarium in South Africa. The wildlife park is also one of the best places to view wild animals. More than 600,000 people visit this place annually.

Where is the Pretoria Zoo situated?

Pretoria Zoo is on 232 Boom Street in Pretoria, 5.4 km from the world-famous Pretoria University. The garden is divided into sections. The aviary and other enclosures are near the entrance, the African Savanna section in the middle, and the reptile section along the western end.


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Pretoria Zoo fees in 2023

J.W.B. Gunning established the Pretoria Zoo in 1899. The place has beautiful zoological gardens that facilitate world-class scientific and innovative research projects. Local scientists are also allowed to do their research here.

The Pretoria Zoo fees
The Pretoria Zoo wild animals. Photo:, @Magda Ehlers
Source: UGC

How much is the entrance fee at the Pretoria Zoo?

The Pretoria Zoo entrance fee in 2023 ranges from R80 to R120 per day. Children aged two years and above must pay an entrance fee. Secure parking is available opposite the main entrance, on the corner of Paul Kruger and Boom Streets. Below are this wildlife park's current entry fees:

CategoryEntrance fee
Child (2-15 years old)R80
Student in a school group (Monday to Wednesday)R50
Student in a school group (Thursday to Friday)R70
Parking fee (per vehicle)R30

Can I buy tickets at the Pretoria Zoo's gate?

The wildlife park is open throughout the year. It opens daily at 09:00 and closes at 17:30. You buy tickets on the zoo's official website or at the gate. Tickets are sold from 09:00 to 16:30 daily.

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What to do at the Pretoria Zoo

There are numerous fun activities one can engage in at this wildlife park. After paying the entrance fees, you will incur other charges depending on the recreational activities you participate in. Please note that you will only pay for some fun activities because some are free. Here are some of the most common and exciting things to do at the Pretoria Zoo:

Animal viewing

Animal viewing is the primary activity at these zoological gardens. Visitors walk through the wildlife park, viewing the different land, air, and sea animals.

The Pretoria Zoo fees
The Pretoria Zoo animals. Photo:, @pixabay
Source: UGC

The wild dog night run

The Trail Adventures company sponsors the wild dog night run. Visitors choose between the 4 km and the 8 km run through the gardens. You should bring a flashlight to the event.

Children’s parties

You can hire a venue at the Pretoria Zoo for R3500. You can use the premises for your child’s birthday party or any other children's event. As consideration for the health and safety of the animals at the wildlife park, balloons, jumping castles, or noisy toys are not allowed on the premises. The R3500 payment covers the following:

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  • Entrance fees for 20 kids
  • The venue
  • Tables and chair
  • 1 braai stand
  • 5 refuse bags
  • 20 plates
  • 20 knives and forks
  • 2 round tables of 10 people for adults (20 chairs in total)

Can you picnic at the Pretoria Zoo?

There are numerous picnic spots throughout the zoological gardens. The picnic areas have Braai facilities right next to the Apies River. You also can relax under the shade of huge trees.

Can you camp at the Pretoria Zoo?

If you are feeling adventurous, extend your stay past the regular hours by camping overnight. Camping is allowed on Fridays and Saturdays from the beginning of September to the end of March.

The Pretoria Zoo camping fee
The Pretoria Zoo camping fees. Photo:, @Xue Guangjian
Source: UGC

Camping spots in the wildlife park accommodate different group sizes. Book the number of people, the type of activity, and the venue simultaneously. Also, bring food, camping gear, and cooking equipment. You will be provided with electric power to boil water.

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All campers have to vacate the wildlife park by 7:30 am the following day. Here are the Pretoria Zoo camping fees for children, adults, and school groups.

Sunset SafariZoo Camp
Camping fee per childR110R165
Camping fee per adultR95R110
Camping fee per head (school group)R75R95

How much is a cable car ride at the Pretoria Zoo?

Most people who visit this place enjoy riding cable cars. Pretoria Zoo cable car prices range from R20 to R35 per person.

How much are the rides at the Pretoria Zoo?

You can also ride on the Big Wheel for R4.

What animals are at the Pretoria Zoo?

Here is a list of some of the wild animals one can expect to see at this wildlife park:

  • Bears
  • Seals
  • Rhinoceros
  • Elephants
  • Monkeys
  • Gorillas
  • Birds
  • Giraffes
  • Lions
  • Sharks
  • Komodo dragons
  • Hippopotamus
  • Gorillas
  • Tigers
  • Zebras
  • Pythons

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Is food allowed at the Pretoria Zoo?
The Pretoria Zoo entrance costs. Photo:, @blende12
Source: UGC

What are the animal feeding times at the Pretoria Zoo?

Animals at these zoological gardens feed at different times of the day:

  • Lions and tigers: 2:30 on alternate days
  • Penguins: 3 times daily at 9:30, 12:00 and 15:30
  • Bears: 9:30 to 10:00 every day
  • Elephants: 10:30 every day
  • Sharks: Wednesday and Sunday at 12:00
  • Red river hawks: 14:00 daily
  • Vultures: Wednesday and Sunday at 14:00

Does the Pretoria Zoo have sharks?

The Pretoria Zoo has two sharks. They were sourced from the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town and will stay at this wildlife park's aquarium for three years.

What is not allowed at Pretoria Zoo?

Pretoria Zoo has simple guidelines explaining what visitors are allowed to do and what they should not do. For instance:

  • Do not feed, tease, torment, poke, or throw things at the animals or in the water.
  • Do not ride bicycles or skateboards, or rollerblades between enclosures.
  • Do not drive off the identified roads.
  • Do not bring a watercraft of any kind.
  • Do not bring motorcycles or quad bikes.
  • Do not remove or collect any plant or related material (dead or alive).
  • Do not remove, pick or collect any animal or related material or parts (dead or alive).

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The Pretoria Zoo activities
The Pretoria Zoo cable car ride. Photo:, @James Wheeler
Source: UGC

Is food allowed at the Pretoria Zoo?

Feel free to bring food, drinks, and utensils. You will be provided with tables, chairs, charcoal, and braai facilities.

Can I bring alcohol to the Pretoria Zoo?

Alcohol is permitted, but only for people holding private events. Additionally, the alcohol must be limited to the specific event venue. Visitors are not allowed to walk around this wildlife park with alcoholic drinks.

How do I get to the Pretoria Zoo?

Here are different ways of reaching this wildlife park.

  • Self-drive: If you are driving to the Pretoria Zoo, you will find ample space for R30 per vehicle. The management advocates for carpooling.
  • Gautrain bus service: The place is easily accessible via public means. When the Gauteng Train (the Gautrain) leaves the Pretoria station, the Pretoria Zoo is its 7th stop.

Can I visit the zoo at night?

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If daytime visits do not work for you, join the sunset safaris organized by the management. These events take place overnight.

Does a 2-year-old pay at the Pretoria Zoo?

Yes, everyone aged two years and above must pay the entrance fee.

The Pretoria Zoo entrance fees
The Pretoria Zoo entrance prices. Photo:, @Aleksandr Volkov
Source: UGC

How to become a friend of the Pretoria Zoo?

The Friend of Pretoria Zoo (FOTZ) is an annual membership option. Members get cheaper entrance fees and discounts on various activities. These are the 2023 FOTZ packages:

  • Single-person membership card: R125
  • Family membership card (Two adults and three children): R300
  • Family membership card (Two adults and more than three children): R30 extra for each child

How can I contact the Pretoria Zoo?

Here are the different contact options available.

  • Physical location: 232 Boom Street, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Email address:
  • Phone: +27(0) 12 339 2700
  • Fax: +27(0) 12 323 4540

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The Pretoria Zoo is one of the most captivating places for nature-loving people to visit in Pretoria. The wide range of activities and affordable rates make it the ideal place for families, students, and tourists.

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