Mehek 3 Teasers: February 2021

Mehek 3 Teasers: February 2021

Mehek 3 teasers for February 2021 highlight how the drama will unfold in the season’s finale. The doctors give up as Sheila’s condition worsens. On the other hand, Swetlana is determined to kill Mehek, but the bullet gets Swati instead. Will Mehek manage to unearth the truth before it is too late?

Mehek 3 Teasers
Mehek 3 is an Indian African soap opera the airs every weekday on Zee World at 5.00 p.m. Photo: ZeeWorldAfrica
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Smriti escapes from home to elope with Aarush, but her actions teach her the hardest lesson. On the other hand, Shaurya is convinced that Mehek obtained the boxing contract after sleeping with Mr. Chokla.

Mehek 3 Teasers February 2021

Mehek 3 Zee World has remained one of the most entertaining Indian African dramas since its premiere. Its multi-racial and talented cast members have made it among the most-watched shows. Read the following teasers to find out what is coming up this February.

Mehek 3 Teasers
Mehek 3 Zee World episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st February 2021 (Monday – Episode 89)

Denis and Priya have a disagreement on the issue of allowing Nandi to have privacy in her love life. On the other hand, Swetlana’s drive to Mehek’s residence brings back memories.

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2nd February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 90)

Sheila’s situation does not look good as the medical staff loses hope. Will this be the end? Meanwhile, Mehek finds herself in trouble at school after engaging in a fight with Shaurya, and the principal has plans to send her away.

3rd February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 91)

Karan finds out about Sheila’s deteriorating health condition. On the other hand, Shaurya makes a confession regarding his love for Mehek in front of the family. Later, they ask him to sleep because he is too intoxicated to drive properly.

4th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 92)

Jugraj gets himself in trouble with Mehek. Shaurya gains the courage to support her in front of his father for the first time. How will his father react?

5th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 93)

Mehek and Shaurya have a boxing match, and Mehek emerges victorious. The win gives her an opportunity to be part of the biggest boxing team. On the other hand, Shaurya’s defeat gets him in hot soup with his father.

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Mehek 3 teasers
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8th February 2021 (Monday – Episode 94)

Dennis accepts to see Lucky when he comes to India. Meanwhile, Shaurya arrives late at the hotel room and he believes that Mehek obtained her boxing contract after having an affair with Mr. Chokla. Why is he so convinced?

9th February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 95)

Shaurya suspects Shwetlana is up to something and attempts to give Mehek the warning. Will Mehek listen to him? On the other hand, Smriti decides to escape from home.

10th February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 96)

Lucky is on the way to see Nandi’s parents, but the situation gets sophisticated. Will the meeting happen? Meanwhile, Smriti is blinded by love as she elopes with Aarush without informing anyone. On the other hand, Shaurya and Mehek spend the night together as they escape from murderers.

11th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 97)

Lucky has come to India to see Nandi but lands in trouble. How will he fix the situation? Meanwhile, Smriti finds herself in trouble, and Shaurya tries to rescue her before it is too late. On the other hand, Swetlana is determined to kill Mehek and Shaurya.

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12th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 98)

Mehek finds out that Swetlana is being troubled by something. How is she going to unearth the truth?

Mehek 3 Teasers
Mehek 3 Zee World episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15th February 2021 (Monday – Episode 99)

Mehek has worries concerning the visions she gets regarding her past life. She is ready to do anything to ensure Shwetlana’s real intent is revealed.

16th February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 100)

After Mehek and her boxing coach find out someone’s intention for destruction, she becomes a runaway bride. She leaves everything behind so that she can find the person behind the current situation.

17th February 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 101)

Swetlana’s plan to kill Mehek is ruined when Swati takes a bullet that was meant for her sister. What will Swetlana do next?

18th February 2021 (Thursday – Episode 102)

Mehek’s judgment is affected by the tragedy, and she makes up her mind to come up with answers. Will she find the truth soon?

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19th February 2021 (Friday – Episode 103)

Mehek receives her final rights. On the other hand, Swetlana has not stopped thinking about her missed opportunity.

Mehek 3 February episodes
Mehek 3 Zee World episode. Gif:, (modified by author)
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22nd February 2021 (Monday – Episode 104)

Mehek and Shaurya’s love is stronger than ever, even after going through numerous tests. On the other hand, Smriti’s eyes have been opened by Aarush’s deceitful life.

23rd February 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 105)

Season finale! It is time for Swetlana to face the consequences of her actions.

What happens to Mehek 3 characters?

Season three of Mehek is coming to an end. What do you wish should happen to the characters? Here is an account of what will happen to some of the cast members in Mehek 3 finale episodes.


She recalls what happens in the past as she drives to Mehek’s house. She is determined to end Mehek’s life but unlucky for her, the plan fails. In the end, she has to face the consequences of her evil acts.

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Shaurya confesses his love for her and even defends her in front of the family. Swetlana arrives and wants to end her life, but she survives after Swati takes the bullet for her. She decides to go in search of the truth.


He confesses his love for Mehek in front of her family and even defends her against his father. He is later defeated by Mehek in a boxing match but is convinced that she had an affair with Mr. Chokla to obtain the boxing contract. Will their love survive till the end?

From the above Mehek 3 teasers, there is a lot to expect in February 2021 episodes even as the show comes to an end. Catch the Indian drama on Zee World every Monday to Friday at 5.00 p.m.

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