Thembi Maphanga story, boyfriend, before and after images, profiles

Thembi Maphanga story, boyfriend, before and after images, profiles

Love is such a beautiful thing. However, it becomes sour when your lover becomes violent and abusive. This story is no different from that of Thembi Maphanga. She faced the most challenging days of her life when a boyfriend she loved turned violent and burnt her, leading to her daughter's death, who died from the incident. This article tries to dig deeper into her story. Keep reading to learn more.

Thembi Maphanga story

She looks beautiful despite the scars. Photo: @burnsurvivor
Source: Facebook

The incident left Thembi Maphanga with permanent scars, and the saddest thing is losing her two-year-old daughter. However, despite what happened to her, she did not allow the situation to define her from living a positive life. Thembi Maphanga story is moving and a lesson to other women who might be in such violent and abusive relationships.


  • Real Name: Thembi Maphanga
  • Thembi Maphanga age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Middleburg, Mpumalanga
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Profession: Artisan
  • Marital Status: Single
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How it started

Thembi Maphanga story

Thembi showing her long and beautiful hair. Photo: @burnsurvivor
Source: Facebook

She met her boyfriend in 2005. According to her description, the boyfriend had all the qualities she was looking for in a man. On the same, the boyfriend also loved her and treated her like the queen she is. Theirs was love at first sight.

As fate would have it, the good guy changed his behaviors a few months into their marriage. He became jealous, abusive, and possessive. He demanded that she reports her everyday movements, give an explanation in case she does not answer calls, etc. Otherwise, he would become angry.

He would go to the extent of hitting her and then apologize later. She would forgive him for the love she had for him, and that would make things go back to normal.

Love is blind

Thembi knew well what the boyfriend was doing was wrong, but she was blinded by love. Three years into their marriage, she became pregnant, and that was their happiest moment. She thought him becoming a father would make him change his violent ways, but she was wrong.

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One day he became violent as usual, broke some households, and left the house. She thought he would come back after cooling down, but it never happened. Having stayed out for a couple of days, he called her while at work, saying he would go back and fetch his belongings. But in return, he ended up apologizing once again, but this time, she declined to forgive him.

When things turned deadly

Thembi Maphanga story

At her workplace. Photo: @burnsurvivor
Source: Facebook

The thought of her refusing to forgive him ignited him, and the situation became deadly. The idea of her being taken by another man agitated him, so he locked her in the house with their daughter and poured petrol on them. Their efforts to escape proved futile. The boyfriend rushed out, closing the door behind, and then lit the matchbox and set the house on fire.


Thembi Maphanga story, boyfriend, before and after images, profiles

Showing off her scars. Photo: @burnsurvivor
Source: Facebook

Maphanga was all soaked in petrol, and all efforts to put out the fire were futile. The young daughter cried profusely, but there was nothing she would have done. Finally, she managed to contact an ambulance, and the emergency staff arrived before they succumbed.

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When they were taken to the hospital, doctors never thought they would survive as they had suffered third-degree burns, and 99 percent of their bodies were covered with scars. She went into a coma for a couple of weeks before the daughter succumbed later. She was hospitalized for six months and could not attend the burial of the daughter.

Life after

The incident did not only give her scars, but she lost her loving daughter. Additionally, she faced discrimination at her workplace. She is a qualified artisan, and due to her disability, she was moved to a different department where she worked as a furnace manager. Luckily, she managed to undergo therapy sessions, and with that, she overcame what she went through and forgave the boyfriend. By forgiving him, he was able to overcome the anger that consumed her for years.


Ever since the incident, she has never set eyes on the boyfriend. He sends friends and relatives her apologies on his behalf. But despite her forgiving him, justice prevailed, and Thembi Maphanga boyfriend is serving a long term in jail for attempted murder and murder.

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Before and after images

Below are some of Thembi Maphanga before and after images. Please look at them and see how things and situations change within a twinkle of an eye. See them here!

1. Looking beautiful

Amidst what she went through, she is still beautiful. She took life positively, and she is doing well. In the photo, she is seen relaxing in her cozy home.

Thembi Maphanga story

Relaxing at home. Photo: @burnsurvivor
Source: Instagram

2. Before burn

This was young Thembi after marriage. She looked gorgeous and soo lovely. She was a darling to many.

Thembi Maphanga story

Before burn. Photo: @burnsurvivor
Source: Facebook

3. With the daughter

Below is a photo showing her before and after the incident. In one she is seen holding her lovely daughter. The second one is after the incident happened.

Thembi Maphanga story

With the daughter. Photo: @burnsurvivor
Source: Facebook

Above is a moving story of Thembi Maphanga. She is using her tragedy to help other women and people who have survived severe burns. Despite changing her lifestyle to adapt to her new condition, she is now more assertive and confident in life. She also lives to help other women who are victims of domestic violence.

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