Cell C Fibre SA: prices, cancellation, coverage, contacts, reviews

Cell C Fibre SA: prices, cancellation, coverage, contacts, reviews

If you want to install WiFi for your home or business, Cell C might just have what you are looking for. The company offers top-notch internet services with great offers. Here is everything you need to know about Cell C Fibre.

Cell C Fibre SA
Cell C offers uncapped and unlimited internet. Photo: @Fibre to the Homes- Cell C
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Cell C is a company that offers uncapped, unshaped, unlimited internet. On top of that, you get free installation, a free WiFi router and no start-up fee. They also offer a month-to-month subscription at a fixed amount for unlimited access, with no top-ups and no extra bills.

Cell C Fibre

Fibre is a broadband technology that provides fast speeds from 10Mbps up to 1Gbps and a high capacity network with flexibility, reliability and stability. The service is known for having the most affordable deals in Mzansi. Cell C Fibre prices depend on the speed you want and fibre network operator. You can choose the network partner and see different Cell C WiFi deals 2021 on the official website.

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How to sign up for C-Fibre

cell c wifi router deals 2021
They offer free installation, a free WiFi router and no start-up fee and a month-to-month subscription at a fixed amount for unlimited access. Photo: @Cell C Fibre
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1. Contact the company. C-Fibre contacts are available through the following mediums:

  • Cell C Fibre Field sales team, which you can email at myfibre@cellc.co.za or telesales team, which you can contact on 084 145 or email at Fibredirect@cellc.co.za
  • Through the C-Fibre purchase portal
  • Through the Business Sales Channel, which you can contact on 084 194 4000 or email businesssales@cellc.co.za
  • Through select franchise stores

2. You will be required to complete an order, provide supporting documentation (where requested), as well as comply with their terms and conditions.

3. If you apply for the service through the online channel, you shall be charged an upfront amount equivalent to 1 month’s subscription fee against your credit card. This amount will sit as a credit against your C-Fibre account and will be deducted when you are billed for the service

Cell C Fibre cancellation

cell c fibre technical support
The service is available in most of South Africa, therefore, you are assured of getting quality internet at fast speeds. Photo: @Fibre Cell C
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How do I cancel Cell C Fibre? Should you wish to cancel at any time, you may do so by giving one calendar months written notice. You will be liable to pay for the service during this cancellation notice period.

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If, upon application for the service, you opted for Cell C SP to make provision and payment for your installation and connection fee as well as for Cell C SP to provide you with a WiFi router, then should you decide to cancel C-Fibre less than twenty-four months after initial activation thereof, you will be liable for the costs incurred by Cell C SP to provide C-Fibre. The costs include:

  • The installation fee (pro-rated)
  • The connection fee (pro-rated)
  • The cost of the WiFi router

Cell C Fibre coverage

Cell C is one of the four major networks identified operating in South Africa. The Mzansi Cell C is one of the first networks to give their customers internet at fast speeds. Check out the Cell C Fibre coverage map to know whether the service is in your area.

Cell C Fibre reviews

According to Hellopeter, the service has an average rating of 1.47 out of 5 from 32,742 views. The company is constantly improving on its services since they are always open to feedback from their customers.

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For Cell C Fibre customer care, contact them via:

Tel: 084 143 4273

Email: support@cfibre.co.za

For Cell C Fibre sales, here are the other contact details:

Tel: 084 145

Email: fibredirect@cellc.co.za

The firm offers C-Fibre in partnership with local fibre network operators (FNO), providing a network on an open-access model. This is to ensure that everyone can access their products.

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