Duduzane Zuma To Run Independently for President in South Africa’s 2024 Elections, Ready To Tackle SA’s Issues

Duduzane Zuma To Run Independently for President in South Africa’s 2024 Elections, Ready To Tackle SA’s Issues

  • Former President Jacob Zuma's son, Duduzane, has decided to enter the presidential race and run as an independent candidate
  • In an interview with Briefly News, Duduzane shared his vision for South Africa and the plans he has should he be elected
  • Zuma addressed unemployment, increasing investment, tackling Eskom's energy crisis and illegal immigrants, among other things

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Former president Jacob Zuma's son, Duduzane, has put his name in the hat to run for president in the 2024 South African national elections.

Duduzane Zuma, the son of Former South African President Jacob Zuma, arrives ahead of his dad's corruption trial at the Pietermaritzburg High Court in Pietermaritzburg
Duduzane Zuma says he is running for president as an independent candidate because South Africa desperately needs change. Images: Phill Magakoe and Alaister Russell
Source: Getty Images

Speaking exclusively to Briefly News, Zuma outlines his ambitions of leading the country. The businessman also explains why he has chosen to run as an independent candidate, not under the African National Congress (ANC).

Duduzane Zuma was called to lead South Africa

Over the years, Zuma has been vocal about being a businessman, not a politician. Even on this journey of acquiring South Africa's top job, Zuma is still sealing business deals, reports IOL.

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However, the notion of just being a businessman seems to have changed, and the former president's son is daring to challenge the current government.

The aspirant political leader says he did not choose to become a leader. The role was bestowed upon him by people who wanted him to use his business acumen to run South Africa.

Duduzane said for many years, people have told him they believe he has what it takes to be president, adding they would say, 'Look, we believe that you have what it takes. You are one of the people that we trust. You're credible.'

Zuma said those supporting his political aspirations have said he's done interesting things in the business world, and 'we wish that you take those learnings of yours and fit them into the political space.'

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The decision to run for the country's top job came from a desperate desire to see a change in South Africa.

He explained the current leaders do not have what it takes to tackle the country's serious issues.

"We live in a society where the people that represent us or should be representing us do not have the goods. They're not able to come up with new ideas.
"They don't have the guts to take on serious issues and also to change their views."

At 41, Zuma describes himself as the perfect age to resonate with the older generation and the youth.

Zuma admits he is not a political leader and has never aspired to become a politician. However, the wealth of experience he has gained locally and internationally makes him uniquely positioned to lead South Africa.

Duduzane Zuma is running for president independently, not with ANC

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Duduzane Zuma's announcement to run for the presidency was not much of a surprise to many. But what raised eyebrows was when Zuma revealed he was running as an independent candidate.

Zuma has been a member of the ANC for many years and was even elected as the chairperson of the ANC's Ward 11 branch in Newlands East, Durban, last year, reports TimesLIVE.

However, Zuma explains to Briefly News that he decided to run independently because he did not want to wait for a leadership position in the ANC.

"I don't like waiting around, even if it's a restaurant. If there are no tables available I will find another place to eat."

Zuma says he still has respect for the ANC because it is not just a political formation, it is an institution. The presidential hopeful explains that the ANC has played an instrumental role for all South Africans, regardless of race.

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Duduzane appreciates the ANC because it has fed, clothed and educated people like him.

However, despite everything the ANC has done for South Africa, Zuma says the country cannot be run by just one political organisation anymore and needs a government that best represents everyone.

"It cannot just be a one-party show. It cannot just be a two or three-party show. It needs to be something for everybody. And when it all evens out in the future, coalitions will do what they need to do.
"We will get to a point where we have this monolith that best represents South Africa. So, where the ANC is today, is clearly not representative of what South Africa should be."

Duduzane Zuma wants to run South Africa like a company

While Zuma has spoken passionately about his ambitions of running the country, the presidential aspirant knows how South Africa needs to run to function at its best.

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Being a businessman and a capitalist at heart, Zuma is adamant that running South Africa like a company is the best way to address society's many challenges.

Zuma explains his mandate is mainly action driven to implement the change needed in South Africa. He also noted the biggest problem with the current leadership is the lack of political will or unwillingness to enforce policies.

"Implementation is where we fail dismally. We've got the biggest plans, the greatest plans. We know what the issues are, let's deal with the issues."

Zuma says should he lead the country, he would focus on economic, structural and political reforms. He explains that certain laws and rules of engagement hold the country back, and he plans to break them down.

"If you look at what has been the biggest talking points in the past 10 years policy-wise, it's free education, free universal healthcare, and nationalisation of the Reserve Bank, for example.

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"Have any of those things happened? No, they haven't. And the reason it hasn't happened, is the lack of willingness from the leaders that exist.They don't want to do it, or they're afraid to do it."

Presidential hopeful Duduzane Zuma is ready to tackle SA's problems

Although Duduzane Zuma is not ready to share all his plans for South Africa, the presidential hopeful shared a few pointers with Briefly News.

Zuma says he wants South Africa to become a net exporter once again because, as it stands, South Africa is "buying everything from everywhere else".

He adds that unemployment needs to be dealt with by creating opportunities for people to work.

This would require a focus on investment, re-industrialisation, policy and a willingness to create the environment to work. He adds that businesses and investors must be protected to ensure people can put food on the table.

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"We all want to put food on the table. We all want to earn for our families. The only way we do that is by getting sound investments, frequent investments into our country, protect those businesses, protect those investors."

Zuma adds that safety and security agencies must be optimised for the country to flourish, and the judicial system needs a complete overhaul.

He also mentioned dealing with the illegal immigrant problem in South Africa in a dignified manner.

"So, I do feel like the people that are in our country that are not supposed to be here have to be exited in a cordial fashion. Let's not antagonise people
"These are human beings at the end of the day. They're our brothers, our African brothers and sisters. Let's treat them with respect. But they also need to understand that, you know, it's not a free for all."

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Lastly, Zuma mentions that Eskom can be fixed if the right people are employed to lead the state-owned power utility.

Duduzane adds that the grid needs to be stabilised because it is not okay for businesses to shut down and for people to lose their jobs because of loadshedding.

Ace Magashule backs Duduzane Zuma's ANC president ambitions, video of pair leaves Mzansi divided

Briefly News previously reported that former president Jacob Zuma's son, Duduzane Zuma, believes it's time for the youth to lead the country in next year's general election.

The 4-year-old KZN ANC Ward 11 branch chairperson called on the older politicians and leaders to step aside and allow younger blood to lead.

Duduzane's comment comes as the businessman-turned-politician revealed that he will contest the 2024 general election as an independent candidate.

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Source: Briefly News

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