Shebeshxt Nearly Hits Fan With Hennessy Bottle Again, Mzansi Divided: “He’s Too Short Tempered”

Shebeshxt Nearly Hits Fan With Hennessy Bottle Again, Mzansi Divided: “He’s Too Short Tempered”

  • Looks like Shebeshxt is trying to avoid trouble at all costs after nearly hitting a fan with a bottle
  • The rapper was bidding farewell to his supporters at a show when one seemingly ticked him off, and he positioned a Hennessy bottle to hit them
  • Security guards halted Shebe, and the incident had Mzansi talking
Shebeshxt worries fans after nearly hitting supporter with a bottle
Mzansi was divided in opinion after Shebeshxt nearly hit his fans with a bottle at a show. Images: Shebeshxt Grave Digger Manskap
Source: Facebook

Shebeshxt seems to have learned his lesson after almost getting in trouble for hitting a fan with a bottle. The Ambulance rapper was captured at an event where he nearly hit a fan with a Hennessy bottle but quickly stopped himself - temper temper!

Shebeshxt contemplates hitting fan with bottle

As his popularity continues to skyrocket, Shebeshxt seems to have turned over a new leaf and is looking to control his temper - especially around his supporters.

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The Ke Di Shxt Malume hitmaker recently performed for his adoring fans, one of whom seemingly rubbed him off the wrong way. In a video posted by Twitter (X) user YouDunnoVusi, Shebesheza is seen going around and saying goodbye to his supporters, Hennessy bottle in hand.

Towards the end of the clip, Shebe has a short altercation with a fan and, before you know it positions the bottle to hold by the neck, ready to strike. To think that not so long ago, he was thanking his supporters for holding him down:

Mzansi weighs in on Shebeshxt's video

Netizens are divided in opinion at Shebeshxt's temper, where some casually laughed it off:


"His bodyguards are actually to protect his fans from him!"

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krugersville was fascinated:

"The way he quickly positioned that Hennessy is insane!"

Vegan_Slur said:

"And he actually lives like this, just last week Thursday he slapped his homie because dude grabbed his girl's arm forcefully."

On the other hand, some netizens are concerned about Shebe's temper and how everyone seems to laugh off his behaviour:

bysosa_ posted:

"Not hating, I love Shebe maara we really made a highly trained professional assassin famous, bro went to attack mode in 0.2 sec."

Ubuhleeee said:

"That was obviously a mistake but he already was thinking of hitting that kid with a bottle, one day he will make the mistake and it will be over for him seriously."

m_zagagana warned:

"There are always consequences in glorifying criminals."

Shebeshxt sparks outrage among Emtee supporters

In a recent report, Briefly News shared online reactions to an incident where Emtee was seemingly booted off stage by Shebeshxt's supporters.

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Emtee's fans were not pleased with the incident and called Shebeshxt out for allegedly disrespecting Big Hustle.

Source: Briefly News

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