Emtee Contemplates Moving Out of South Africa, Fans Weigh in: “I’m Disrespected Way Too Much Here”

Emtee Contemplates Moving Out of South Africa, Fans Weigh in: “I’m Disrespected Way Too Much Here”

  • Emtee says he's considering moving out of South Africa
  • The Pearl Thusi hitmaker says he has had enough of the disrespect he constantly endures in Mzansi
  • Fans rallied around Big Hustle while others said he was being soft
Emtee is considering moving out of South Africa
Emtee says he is contemplating leaving South Africa because of the constant disrespect and death threats. Images: emteethehustla
Source: Instagram

Emtee is contemplating moving out of South Africa. The rapper posted on Twitter (X) saying he's tired of the disrespect and death threats, saying he'd much rather represent the country elsewhere.

Like clockwork, fans were ready to accommodate the rapper in their countries, while some netizens accused Big Hustle of being overly sensitive.

Emtee considers leaving South Africa

Emtee says he's sick and tired of the disrespect he constantly faces in South Ah and wants to move elsewhere. The rapper is consistently bashed over his alleged substance abuse and has to defend himself from trolls.

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In a Twitter (X) post, the Roll Up rapper revealed that he wants to leave South Africa because of the constant disrespect, death threats, and ridicule:

"I wanna move out of South Africa. I’ma represent till the death but hayi seng’deleleke kakhulu la.
Every day you go through a rough patch, people laugh at you - the broke and arrogant ones at that. Live somewhere far where n*ggas won’t even come close."

This follows Emtee's threats to Musa Kawula after he claimed the rapper was booted off stage by Shebeshxt's supporters at a show.

Mzansi weighs in on Emtee's tweet

Netizens showed love to Emtee and even recommended various countries where he could move to, including Botswana and Namibia:

Makh1Mbaliyethu sympathised with Emtee:

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"I pray for your safety and peace one day, you go through a lot of stuff which some can never share."

PJMoneyMan3k suggested:

"Botswana is the place to be..not far from SA..you will simply cross the border to SA for gigs and come back. Friendly country."

ve_ya_ze said:

"You are more than welcome in Namibia."

Meanwhile, other netizens called Big Husle sensitive for speaking on the toxicity in the country:

Tebogorupett said:

"You feeling yourself too much, we made you, now that you're up you mess on us. Some things you should not tweet, just keep them to yourself, bro."

NiceGuyEddie923 bashed Emtee:

"You are so poor you can't even afford to move to Zimbabwe."

ndofayaboydawg wasn't impressed:

"I thought n*ggas came up running the city. When did we reach this level of sensitivity? You're cry babies when y’all no longer at the top."

Emtee shares an update on DIY3

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In more Emtee stories, Briefly News shared online reactions from fans who couldn't wait for the rapper's upcoming album, DIY3.

The We Up rapper gave fans an update on the progress of the long-awaited project, saying it's complete and is going through the finishing touches:

"Thank you for your patience. DIY3 is done. It’s being mixed and mastered. Just that when you're your own boss, there’s no deadline."

Source: Briefly News

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