Kairo Forbes Reveals DJ Zinhle Doesn’t Cook for Her in TikTok Video, SA Weighs in: “She Has Money”

Kairo Forbes Reveals DJ Zinhle Doesn’t Cook for Her in TikTok Video, SA Weighs in: “She Has Money”

  • Kairo Forbes revealed in a TikTok video that her mom, DJ Zinhle, doesn't cook for her
  • The kidfluencer was asked about her favourite meal that her mom makes and said that aside from an egg breakfast, Zinhle doesn't make meals
  • This revelation sparked a heated debate among netizens, where some understood Zinhle's stance while others were outraged
Kairo Forbes revealed that DJ Zinhle doesn't cook for her
Kairo Forbes confirmed that aside from breakfast, DJ Zinhle does not do the cooking. Images: kairo.forbes, djzinhle
Source: Instagram

According to Kairo Forbes, DJ Zinhle does not cook for her. Kai Kai revealed that her mom often makes a yummy egg breakfast for them but never cooks. Mzansi was divided on the topic, with many netizens agreeing that Zinhle's busy schedule did not allow her to do housework.

Kairo Forbes reveals DJ Zinhle doesn't cook

Kairo Forbes says her mom, DJ Zinhle, doesn't cook for them. The kidfluencer revealed that her mom only stands over a pan if she's making breakfast for them. Zinhle once confirmed in a Twitter (X) post that she can't cook:

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In a video shared by TikTok user theboyssouthafrica, the interviewer asked Kairo about her favourite cartoon, to which she said Dexter's Laboratory because it was her dad's favourite.

The award-winning kidfluencer was then asked about her favourite meal by her mom, later revealing that DJ Zinhle doesn't cook, well, aside from eggs:

"My mom doesn't cook for me. She likes to cook breakfast, eggs."

Mzansi weighs in on Kairo's revelations

Netizens could agree that being a working mom, DJ Zinhle did not have time to do housework:

Ndlovukazi1002 defended Zinhle:

"She has money. She pays for convenience as she should. Bye!"

South African entertainer 2leestark said:

"Well, I mean, she is like a multi-millionaire who runs a business. I’m pretty sure Morda doesn’t either."

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LukanyoMngqolo wrote:

"If I had her money, I also wouldn’t cook."

Meanwhile, some netizens weren't happy with Kairo's revelation and called DJ Zinhle out:

MyNameIsBANDZ wasn't impressed:

"This is why I can’t marry a person who doesn’t cook. Imagine my child letting other dads outside know my wife ain’t nice in the kitchen."

t_junction1 asked:

"Who must teach baby Kairo how to cook if her mother can't cook?"

shakazulubrnrv3 was devastated:

"We no longer have real women."

DJ Zinhle struggles to comfort Kairo on AKA's birthday

In an earlier report, Briefly News shared DJ Zinhle's message about how Kairo Forbes has dealt with the loss of AKA on his heavenly birthday.

Zinhle got candid about struggling to comfort her daughter through the pain, saying AKA's birthday was heavy on everyone.

Source: Briefly News

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