Nota Baloyi Claims Slik Talk Was Paid to Disappear, Mzansi Weighs in: “He Knows Something”

Nota Baloyi Claims Slik Talk Was Paid to Disappear, Mzansi Weighs in: “He Knows Something”

  • Nota Baloyi made claims that Slik Talk was paid to keep quiet and as usual, he's making waves online
  • This comes after the controversial music executive saw an old video of the YouTuber, saying he received a huge bag to disappear
  • Mzansi is entertaining Nota's claim while also reminiscing on Slik Talk's problematic videos
Nota Baloyi says Slik Talk was paid to disappear
Nota Baloyi claims that someone paid Slik Talk to go underground. Images: Instagram/ lavidanota and Twitter/ OG4SHIZL
Source: UGC

Nota Baloyi suspects that someone may have paid Slik Talk to keep quiet. The controversial YouTuber has been off the radar for months, without even a trace of activity on social media, and Nota, as always, believes he knows what happened.

Nota Baloyi questions Slik Talk's silence

Nota Baloyi recently brought up the topic of Slik Talk and why the problematic YouTuber has been so quiet lately.

Taking to his Twitter (X) page, the music executive shared an old video of Slik Talk dragging Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch after announcing their pregnancy.

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Nota claims someone or some people may have bribed Slik Talk to lay low.

He went on to reference Slik's claims in an old video about AKA having been banned from Durban shortly after the rapper was killed:

"They must have paid Slik Talk a really heavy bag to disappear after using him to paint the false narrative that AKA was banned from Durban. I wonder where he is now and if the police have questioned him."

Mzansi reacts to Nota's suspicions

Netizens focused more on Slik Talk's problematic videos and less on Nota's claims about his disappearance:

tebogomabusela_ said:

"Everyone claims to be a hater now but no one will ever come close to this premium hate. Truly ahead of his time."

Yolokazi_chagi wrote:

"The Minister of Gossip has spoken."

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way_eazy showed love to Slik Talk:

"His content was fire, though. He and Musa Khawula brought something different to the table."

sparx_ltd believed:

"He knows something."

MalomeMabena asked:

"Wow, is Slik Talk still around?"

Nota Baloyi weighs in on Oscar Pistorius

In an earlier report, Briefly News shared online reactions to Nota Baloyi's thoughts ahead of Oscar Pistorius' parole.

The music executive dragged black South African women while claiming that Pistorius wouldn't have a problem being accepted back into society.

Source: Briefly News

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