Mzansi’s Tupac Lindo Sithole Rocks UK Wedding Gig With Viral Moves, SA Proud: “Underrated Artist”

Mzansi’s Tupac Lindo Sithole Rocks UK Wedding Gig With Viral Moves, SA Proud: “Underrated Artist”

  • Lindo Sithole affectionately known as Mzansi's very own Tupac, keeps soaring and collecting his bag
  • The musician booked a gig in the UK and slayed his viral dance moves as a guest performer at a wedding
  • He shared a TikTok video of his energetic performance, and it had South Africans beaming with pride
Lindo Sithole booked a job in the United Kingdom
Lindo Sithole's performance of his viral moves in the United Kindom went viral. Image: @lindough_rsa
Source: Instagram

So, guess who's making waves on the international scene? None other than Lindo Sithole, also known as Mzansi's own Tupac.

The talented actor and musician recently scored a gig in the UK, and he didn't disappoint.

Dancing into hearts across the pond

Lindo graced a wedding in the UK as a guest performer and showcased his viral dance moves in his famous oversized suit and shoes. His performance was nothing short of spectacular, leaving the audience in awe.

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Lindo's video excites fans

Lindo shared a snippet on his TikTok account @lindough_sa, and it got 442,000 likes and hundreds of comments from his excited fans.

Watch the video below:

Lindo Sithole fills SA with pride

Lindo is making a name for himself. As he continues to soar and collect his bag, he's inspiring people to be unique and proud.

Read a few comments below:

@SiveDlamini0 asked:

"How did this suit make it past UK customs? "

@christina8292 wrote:

"South African crowd no matter where in the world never disappoint."

@nomamotsa1 commented:

"I am so glad to see him winning in life, he deserves it. ❤️"

@user24689999754324 posted:

"I have never been so happy for a stranger. I'm so proud especially since I have been a fan for so long."

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@Bellsvuyo said:

"God is great keep praying you going far. ❤️‍♀️"

@BiggySmalla mentioned:

"I always say! Anything and anyone unique will always attract attention."

@AshleySmith posted:

"That was beautiful Southhampton welcomes you bafo."

@AndileVilane318 added:

"Underrated artist, bra Lindo. You are too good. I like your performances. You make sure."

South Africa’s ‘Tupac’ strikes again

In a related article, Briefly News reported that Lindo Sithole has once again caused a commotion on social media thanks to his blazing hot dance moves that have Mzansi hooked.

This time, the actor, affectionately named Tupac by SA peeps, killed a dance routine in a TikTok video.

Source: Briefly News

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