DJ Sbu Discusses Elections Outcome With Adv Ike Khumalo Who Said: “The ANC Is Winning by 50–53%”

DJ Sbu Discusses Elections Outcome With Adv Ike Khumalo Who Said: “The ANC Is Winning by 50–53%”

  • DJ Sbu was in conversation with Adv Ike Khumalo, where they discussed the general election outcome
  • Adv Ike Khumalo said that the African National Congress (ANC) is winning by majority, and he gave his reasons
  • Khumalo's predictions ruffled social media users, who are sure that change is imminent with the addition of uMkhonto Wesizwe Party

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With the general elections nearing, South Africans are having fierce discussions over the possible outcome. Podcaster and radio host DJ Sbu invited Adv Ike Khumalo to his YouTube podcast, where they added their opinions on the party that might win.

DJ Sbu and Adv Ike Khumalo discussed the upcoming general elections.
DJ Sbu spoke about the upcoming general elections with Adv Ike Khumalo, who predicts that the ANC will win. Image: @djsbulive, Ike Thamsanqa Khumalo on Facebook
Source: Instagram

DJ Sbu and Ike discuss ANC's possible win

Adv Ike Khumalo was a recent guest on The Hustlers Corner SA, where he and host DJ Sbu discussed the general elections and the possible outcome.

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Khumalo told DJ Sbu that he would not be voting, but he observed the country's current state and which party might win. He believes the African National Congress (ANC) is winning by majority.

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Khumalo argued that the chances of a governing party losing an election are slim because they control the resources.

"The ANC is winning by 50 - 53%. It's difficult to lose if you're a governing party. Because you control resources. You can dish out resources near elections, people have a short memory. All they need to do is to align service delivery. We are in April and they started Nasi spani, and they are hiring people, building infrastructure."

Khumalo says Mzansi is a forgiving nation

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DJ Sbu then mentioned the cancelled e-tolls, and they also mentioned load shedding. Khumalo further stated that South Africans are a forgiving nation, so that they would vote for the ANC.

However, he also mentioned that they could lose voters, resulting in a lower majority win.

A clip from the interview is circulating on X, and @ThisIsColbert posted it; watch it below:

Mzansi weighs in on Khumalo's remarks

Khumalo's predictions divided netizens because some were certain that change was imminent. They argued that parties such as the uMkhonto Wesizwe Party (MK) are serious contenders.

@CT_MSportsFan said:

"Well, he is right. Still, the ANC will lose. People are awake now."

@TsekoThePlan added:

"ANC will win, unfortunately. Whether we like it or not. They will win Free State, North West, Limpopo, Northern Cape and obviously Eastern Cape. That WILL be enough to get the majority."

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@Lunga_Ngwane10 argued:

"Everyone is discrediting IEC, I don't know why and for me I see ANC getting 46-48%."

@SibongakonkeNt9 added:

"Not this time man."

@RonaldKekane stated:

"In Lesotho, the Governing party got 0% in their last elections. All I'm trying to say is that anything is possible."

DJ Sbu announces return to Radio 2000

In a previous report from Briefly News, DJ Sbu announced that he's officially back on radio.

The former Metro FM presenter said he would host a breakfast show on Radio 2000 and thanked those who made the deal possible. Mzansi congratulated Sbudah on his new gig and wished him the best on his new platform.

Source: Briefly News

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