Prince Kaybee Accused of Stealing a Song by ‘Idols SA’ Contestant Botlhale Phora, DJ Denies Claims

Prince Kaybee Accused of Stealing a Song by ‘Idols SA’ Contestant Botlhale Phora, DJ Denies Claims

  • Prince Kaybee is faced with song theft allegations by the former Idols SA contestant Botlhale Phora
  • The Wajelwa hitmaker first rudely responded to the allegations, and in a TikTok video, the singer said he would not stoop to his level
  • On his social media account, Prince Kaybee responded to the allegations, saying he did not steal anything and that he never spoke to Phora
  • Speaking to Briefly News, Botlhale Phora stated that Prince Kaybee is lying when he said the beat was sent to the wrong email

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Prince Kaybee has been accused of stealing a song from Botlhale Phora. The former Idols SA contestant went on social media to blast the music producer but received backlash from his supporters.

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Prince Kaybee addresses the song theft allegations made by Botlhale Phora.
Prince Kaybee hit back at ‘Idols SA’ Season 13 contestant Botlhale Phora after he accused him of stealing his song. Image: @princekaybeesa
Source: Instagram

Musician Phora says Prince Kaybee stole his song

In a TikTok video, Botlhale Phora claimed that he had sent a song with the title Ready to Prince Kaybee via email, Messenger, and TikTok in the year 2021. Fast-forward to recently, he mentioned that he heard the song on social media platforms and was shocked.

Phora further explained that he reached out to Kaybee and asked if he could at least be featured on the song, but he said he was blocked.

Phora is adamant about stopping the theft of songs that some up-and-coming artists are subjected to in the industry.

“I am not going to keep quiet because you are a 'big' artist, and a lot of people fear facing people who are at the top. If we do not stop you guys now, this will continue to affect young and upcoming artists.”

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Watch the video posted by @MDNnewss below:

Prince Kaybee hits back at Phora

The Wajelwa hitmaker responded to the allegations in a series of rude responses. When called out on X (Twitter), Prince Kaybee said he never communicated with the artist and that the songs sound similar because they" were produced from the same template as Charlotte."

Prince Kaybee further debunked the claim that the songs are similar, saying they are two distinct tunes.

“I don’t know him, I have never received or replicated his song and I do not use that email address because I have a personal email. To address the songs, we can all hear they are two different songs, in different keys, and don’t even share similar chord progressions, so to say I stole the song is reaching really.”

He also stated that he makes his own music.

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Botlhale Phora speaks to Briefly News

The musician has responded to Prince Kaybee's claim that the song was sent to the wrong email address. Phora told Briefly News that, ultimately, Kaybee was lying.

"This is very simple; he can be in denial all he wants, but he knows exactly that he took the melody from the song I sent him via email. You can open an email and never respond, but that doesn't mean you didn't access the contents of the email. He claims I sent it to the wrong email, but the same email is on all his platforms on social media."

Phora said Kaybee blocked him.

"He even blocked me on TikTok when I raised that he took my song way before I went on social media to expose what he did."

Prince Kaybee agrees with DJ Zinhle

In a previous report from Briefly News, DJ Zinhle ruffled feathers when she claimed that the unemployment rate is high in South Africa because the youth are unemployable due to skills gaps.

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Prince Kaybee agreed with her statement, which angered many people. Some agreed with the sentiment, while some criticised it, pointing out issues with hiring practices and the need for youth to improve their skills.

Source: Briefly News

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