Sizwe Dhlomo Cooks Tyla Over Grammatical Errors in Her Statement: “There Was No Need”

Sizwe Dhlomo Cooks Tyla Over Grammatical Errors in Her Statement: “There Was No Need”

  • Sizwe Dhlomo roasted Tyla for grammatical errors in her Instagram statement addressing her racial identity, following her dodging a question about it on The Breakfast Club
  • Tyla, who identifies as a coloured woman in South Africa and a black woman globally, has been trending for her comments
  • Social media users had mixed reactions to Dhlomo's critique, with some defending Tyla's authenticity and informal tone

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Radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo fired shots at singer and dancer Tyla, who shared a statement on social media. Tyla posted on her Instagram page addressing questions about her racial identity.

Sizwe Dhlomo reacts to errors in Tyla's statement
Sizwe Dhlomo has roasted Tyla over the errors in her statement. Image: @sizwedhlomo and Masato Onoda/WWD via Getty Images
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Sizwe Dlhomo mocks Tyla over grammatical errors

We all know Sizwe Dhlomo speaks his mind despite the consequences. The radio personality recently took to social media to share his thoughts on Grammy Award-winning musician Tyla's statement.

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Tyla has been trending locally and internationally after dodging a question about her racial identity during an interview on The Breakfast Club. The star issued a statement explaining that she identifies as a coloured woman in South Africa and a black woman all over the world.

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Reacting to the statement, Sizwe Dhlomo noted that there were grammatical errors in the statement. The radio presenter said:

"And now? That statement? Spelling errors & all! There was no need."

Mzansi react to Sizwe Dhlomo's post

Social media users shared mixed reactions to Sizwe Dhlomo's post. Many also admitted that they noticed the errors in the statement but assumed that the Water singer wrote it herself.

@Thembisile_Q said:

"You're in the wrong profession Siz. Our kids need you in school"

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@ADS_ZAR wrote:

"I believe that was on purpose; she probably wants to downplay the seriousness abo-Niggah are trying to put on this blackness thing. She doesn't wanna be the chosen one to free the slaves "

@kgosi_yaBakwena said:

"There is nothing wrong with the statement. You can tell it's from her heart and not doctored by a team, sitting around a table, coming up with ideas on how to better manage the situation. I don't know what your obsession is with "good English," but o thoma go re bora nou."

@k_uttii wrote:

"Its an informal statement typed on the notes app that starts with “yoh guys” and you’re scrutinising spelling?"

@LeoDiSoufeng commented:

"Lol, you guys call out everything, even when people are being authentically themselves. Tyla doesn't even speak proficient English, but who should really care really."

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