Mining safety officer's salary per month in South Africa (2023)

Mining safety officer's salary per month in South Africa (2023)

Mining is a labour-intensive industry that requires hands-on expertise. It is also a dangerous place to work if proper safety protocols are not enforced. In 2021, South Africa, which has the world's deepest platinum and gold mining operations recorded about 74 mining fatalities, up from 60 in 2020. To eliminate deaths and injuries, qualified mining safety officers must oversee the safety of mining operations. How much are mining safety officers paid per month for their role in the industry?

Safety officer salary in mines
Mining companies in South Africa must follow site safety protocols. Photo: Bloomberg Creative
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South Africa is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of natural resources. Mining in Mzansi started in the mid-19th century and remains one of the country's main economic activities. The industry contributes about $349.42 billion to the country's GDP, and the main minerals include gold, diamonds, platinum, and coal.

What does a safety officer do in mining?

Their responsibilities entail monitoring how activities are carried out at mines and ensuring that set safety protocols are not violated. They are usually in charge of training workers on safety standards put in place by the company and the government. They must also identify faulty or worn-out equipment and replace them whenever necessary.

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In case of an emergency that may harm miners, the officers have to ensure everyone gets out without injuries or fatalities. Companies hire safety professionals to minimize occupational accidents, injuries, and health issues, which can sometimes attract costly lawsuits if negligence plays a part.

Mining in South Africa
A mining safety officer in South Africa is in charge of the safety of mining operations. Photo: Westend61
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How much do mine safety officers earn in South Africa?

They receive an average annual pay of about R174,000, according to Salary Explorer. They can get bonuses of up to R10,000 per year.

How much does a safety officer earn per month in South Africa?

The average mining safety officer's salary per month is estimated to be R14,500. Their earnings could be higher or lower depending on where they work.

What is the highest salary of a safety officer?

On the high end, safety officers earn about R23,000 per month and approximately R276,000 per year. The lowest earnings are estimated to be around R79,900 per year and about R6,660 per month. The amount earned varies with location and employing companies.

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According to a survey by Indeed, Mpumalanga in KwaZulu-Natal pays the highest monthly salaries at about R29,000, followed by Gauteng, where safety officers receive an average monthly pay of approximately R20,600. Impala Platinum Mine and Anglo-American Platinum are some of the highest-paying mining employers in South Africa.

Mining safety in South Africa
Mining workers' welfare in South Africa is a priority to eliminate injuries and fatalities. Photo: Bloomberg
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Safety manager salary in South Africa

The average yearly salary for a safety manager is estimated at R410,500 and ranges from R197,000 to R816,000. Their average monthly pay is about R38,600. The primary responsibility of a safety manager is to oversee workplace safety by ensuring accident prevention and investigation. They are also in charge of regular safety inspections at the workplace.

Mining operator salary in South Africa

According to, a mining operator in South Africa earns an average monthly salary of R24,500 per month. The average yearly earnings are about R291,000.

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Mine manager salary in South Africa

Salary Expert estimates a mining manager's salary to be R515,900 per annum. A mining manager's role is to ensure all mining operations are running smoothly. They are responsible for the overall management of activities at the mine.

South Africa's mining industry
South Africa has one of the largest gold and platinum mines in the world. Photo: Luca Sola
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How do I become a mining safety officer in South Africa?

The general requirement is a bachelor's degree in a related field. Other mining safety officer qualifications are a Grade 12 certificate with Maths and Science, blasting certificate, COMSOC certificate, valid medical certificate, and Incidence Cause and Analysis Methodology (ICAM).

Crucial soft skills required include but are not limited to:

  • Understand technology, especially Microsoft applications
  • Have great observation skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Have reliable problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Organizational skills and ability to multitask
  • Be good at creating solid and productive relationships
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Have good firefighting, vapours, and gases knowledge
  • Be open to change and constant improvement

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In addition to academic qualifications and soft skills, employers will look for experience as an added advantage when hiring a safety officer. Required skills can be obtained through internships, but most companies prefer professionals with at least five years of experience working as underground shift supervisors.

A mining safety officer must understand safety regulations and principles stipulated in the country's law. South Africa's Mine Health and Safety Act sets out standards that mining companies must follow to ensure their employees' welfare is not compromised by eliminating anything that is potentially harmful. Professionals in the country's mining industry are regulated by the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA).

Mzansi miners
Mine Health and Safety Act stipulates the safety standards to be followed at all mining sites in South Africa. Photo: Luca Sola
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Mining safety officer salary per month in South Africa remains one of the highest in Africa as the country retains its position of having one of the largest mining markets on the continent. Anglo-American Platinum is the country's largest mining company, with a market cap of $24.27 billion as of 2022, followed by Impala Platinum Holdings, with a market cap of $10.91 billion.

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