Who are Elizabeth Holmes' parents, Noel Anne Daoust and Christian Holmes?

Who are Elizabeth Holmes' parents, Noel Anne Daoust and Christian Holmes?

Elizabeth Holmes rose to international prominence when she became the world's youngest self-made billionaire in 2015 and was on the road to becoming the next Steve Jobs. However, she did not stay at the top for long, as everything came crumbling down. Find out how Noel Anne Daoust and Christian Holmes were involved in their daughter's journey.

Elizabeth Holmes parents
Theranos founder Elizabeth with her mother, Noel. Photo: Bloomberg
Source: Getty Images

Elizabeth dropped out of Stanford in 2003 to run the now-defunct biotech company Theranos. The Silicon Valley firm grew to become a multi-billion-dollar company. It was discovered that its blood testing technology had severe flaws that Holmes had been hiding. Theranos closed doors in 2018, and Elizabeth was charged with counts of fraud. A court found her guilty and sentenced her to 11 years in prison.

Noel Anne Daoust's profiles summary and bio

Full nameNoel Anne Daoust
Date of birth21st January 1950
Age73 years in 2023
Birth signAquarius
Place of birthUnited States
Current residenceWashington, DC, United States
Sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusMarried
HusbandChristian Holmes IV
ChildrenChristian Holmes V and Elizabeth Holmes
ProfessionFormer policy aid on Capitol Hill
Known forTheranos founder and convicted fraudster

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How old is Noel Holmes?

Elizabeth's mother, Noel Anne Daoust (aged 73 years as of 2023) was born on 21st January 1950 in the United States. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Noel Anne Daoust's spouse

The Holmes family
Elizabeth with her father Christian and mother Noel. Photo: Justin Sullivan
Source: Getty Images

Noel is married to Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, who has held senior positions at various government, academia, and private agencies. He previously worked at USAID, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Trade and Development Agency, Rice University GETF, Tenneco Energy, and Rice University.

Christian was the vice president of the now-defunct energy firm Enron which closed its doors in 2007 after being involved in one of the largest accounting frauds in US history. He has a BA in Government from Wesleyan University and previously served in the US Army.

According to ABC News, Christian is a descendant of Charles Louis Fleischmann, the founder of the renowned Fleischman Yeast company. His great-grandfather Christian R. Holmes was an influential surgeon who had the Cincinnati General Hospital named after him.

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The Holmes' rich family history would later become part of Elizabeth's biotech con. She used her previous lineage success in entrepreneurship and medicine to lure investors into Theranos.

Noel Anne Daoust's children

Theranos founder
Elizabeth hired her lesser-known younger brother Christian to work at Theranos, but he was not charged with fraud. Photo: C Flanigan
Source: Getty Images

Noel shares two children with her husband, Christian. Her firstborn is daughter Elizabeth who grew up as a self-driven young girl. She excelled in school, ran track, and was accepted into Stanford University in 2002 to pursue chemical engineering before dropping out in her second year to focus on Theranos.

Daoust's youngest son, Christian Holmes V, graduated from Duke University in 2009. He worked as an analyst in Washington, DC, before being hired by his sister Elizabeth to work at Theranos despite having no healthcare or science-related background. Unlike his sister, Christian was not charged when the Theranos fraud was discovered.

Noel Holmes' career

Noel was employed in government as a policy aide on Capitol Hill and once worked with Rep. Charlie Wilson. She later quit to become a stay-at-home mother.

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What did Elizabeth Holmes' parents do?

Elizabeth Holmes parents
Elizabeth's parents helped her find investors for the Theranos idea. Photo: Justin Sullivan
Source: Getty Images

According to psychiatrist and inventor Richard Fuisz, who lived near the Holmes family in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, Elizabeth was under pressure from her parents. The Holmes were obsessed with money and hoped to become one of the wealthiest families in the US using their connections.

Fuisz told Forbes that Noel programmed her daughter to be an inventor. After Elizabeth dropped out of Stanford in 2003, her father, Chris, used his connections to ensure she met venture capitalists Donald L Lucas and Larry Ellison, who later invested in Theranos. Her parents also used her remaining college and retirement fund to finance the Theranos idea.

How much is Elizabeth Holmes' family worth?

Before Theranos' fraudulent technology was exposed in 2015 by Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou, Elizabeth Holmes was one of the world's youngest billionaires with a net worth of $4.5 billion. In 2023, Forbes lists her net worth as $0.

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Where are Elizabeth Holmes' parents now?

Elizabeth Holmes' dad, Christian, has been the senior advisor at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) since February 2017. The Holmes family lived in the suburbs of Washington, DC, before moving to Houston, Texas, when Christian got hired at Enron. They returned to Washington after Enron's collapse and were helped to settle down by their former neighbour Richard Fuisz.

Elizabeth Holmes family
Throughout her fraud trial, Elizabeth was supported by her dad Christian, mother Noel, and partner Bill Evans. Photo: Philip Pacheco
Source: Getty Images

Since the collapse of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes' parents have remained supportive of their daughter and were with her throughout her fraud trial. The Theranos founder started serving her 11-year sentence at a low-security prison on 27th April 2023.

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