The best 70+ big forehead jokes and roasts to make your day

The best 70+ big forehead jokes and roasts to make your day

Do you find yourself in need of jokes and roasts to either laugh at or use for banter? Fortunately, we have compiled a list of over 70 best big forehead jokes sourced from the internet. Check them out below.

Big forehead people
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People with big foreheads constantly find themselves at the forefront of being laughed at because of their forehead sizes and shapes. They are jokingly said to have foreheads that could accommodate solar fields and movie backdrops.

Forehead jokes

Making jokes in different settings is intended to get everyone laughing and not offend anyone. Read through the following forehead jokes to get yourself cracking up.

  • Your forehead is what happens when you keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • At least you will never go broke; you can always rent a parking space on your forehead.
  • I was not staring at you; I was trying to figure out if that is your forehead or the moon.
  • Climbing your forehead is the most prominent achievement anyone can achieve as a mountain climber.
  • You could give the entire neighbourhood power by attaching a solar panel to your forehead.
  • I will not say anything about your forehead, but it looks like finding a bike helmet that fits you is difficult.
  • Call the Europeans back. There is a whole new continent they have not discovered.
  • How do you blow up Indian people? By pressing the red button on their foreheads.
  • I think you should consider joining the military. Your forehead could serve as a helicopter landing pad.
  • Why do most philanthropists have large foreheads? They donate them to charity for shelter.
  • Why did the nose break up with the forehead? Because it could not handle the pressure.
  • How does a forehead get in touch with its spiritual side? Through meditating on its third eye.
  • With a forehead like yours, Dora would get tired of exploring it.
  • Your forehead is a 20-mile taxi ride from your eyebrows to your hairline.
  • What do you call an enormous forehead? A fivehead.
  • Wow! You have strong shoulders for all that forehead pressure.
  • Why did the blonde have makeup on her forehead? Someone told her to make up her mind.
  • Yo mama's forehead is so big the UN passed a bill declaring it a sovereign state.
  • Your head is so large that I ran around it to train for my half-marathon race.
  • The good news is that if someone ever insults you, it will never go over your head. Your forehead is big enough to stop them.
  • Your forehead is so huge airlines charge you an extra $25 for bringing it aboard.
  • Your forehead is so big that your left and right ears are in different time zones.
  • Giants have enough space on your forehead to paint a target and use it as a dartboard.
  • Your forehead is so big your thoughts start on a Monday and end on Sunday.
  • What do most people with big foreheads do for a part-time job? Be projector backdrops at the movies.
  • Your forehead looks like the bottom of a stingray that four fishermen are all trying to catch simultaneously.
  • What do a sinking ship and your big forehead head have in common? Capsize.

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Forehead roasts

Forehead roasts
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Are you looking for forehead roasts to say when you are having a roast session with your friends? Check the following roasts to up your game.

  • Your forehead is so big that it makes Megamind jealous.
  • Your forehead is so big that your State ID says, "to be continued."
  • You have such a massive forehead that school teachers use it as a chalkboard.
  • Your friends call you Headie Murphy because you have a gigantic forehead.
  • Your forehead is so big that even NASA thought it was a new planet.
  • God loved you so much that he gave you one face and started clearing off space for another.
  • Your forehead is so big you need extra mattresses when sleeping.
  • Your forehead is so big your inner thoughts echo when you think.
  • Your forehead is so big your mom spent half of the time in the delivery room giving birth to just your head.
  • Your body never gets wet whenever it rains because of your big forehead.
  • Your forehead is so big that you got booted from the stadium for blocking the skybox views.
  • Your forehead is so massive that if you used it as a bowling ball, you would be guaranteed a strike every time.
  • Your forehead is so big that you need to avoid needles and pins so it does not pop.
  • "Honey, I am home", says your big forehead that gets home before you do.
  • Your forehead is so big it could fit an entire NBA court.
  • It would take Michael Angelo four years to complete painting frescoes on your forehead.
  • Your forehead is so big I cannot see what is before me when you walk by.
  • You could get paid for advertising on that billboard you call a forehead.
  • Your forehead is so big that they say you have global warming when they measure your temperature.
  • Your forehead is so big it could carry all passengers of the Titanic.
  • I bet your dreams are in IMAX because of your big forehead.
  • Your forehead is so big it takes the sun a year to shine on every part of it.
  • Your forehead is so big that if you had a stroke, it would look like a landslide gone wrong.
  • Your forehead is so big that it makes the Mona Lisa smile.

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Is a big forehead funny?

Having a big forehead is not always funny, most notably when the people around you have gotten used to seeing you. At times, they might innocently tease you just for banter.

Roasts for big foreheads

Roasts for big foreheads
Having a big forehead can make your friends laugh at you like they do not know you. Photo: Thomas Barwick
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Here are the top 10 big forehead roasts you need to know to get back at your friends when you are fooling around.

  • Your forehead is so big you will never have enough hair for bangs.
  • Your forehead is so big you have to step into your shirts.
  • Your forehead is so big it has its gravitational pull.
  • Your forehead is so big it goes back to when Burger King was Burger Prince.
  • Your forehead is so big that it cannot handle an acute angle.
  • Your forehead is so big that it qualifies to be called a forecourt.
  • Your forehead was so big when you were born; doctors thought you had no face.
  • Your forehead has enough space for a jungle to grow on.
  • Your forehead is so big it could fit Santa's sack on it.
  • Your forehead is so big you could barbecue on it.

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Roasts for people with big foreheads

Many show big-foreheaded people appreciation for their foreheads, which are said to carry a lot of knowledge. However, this feature tends to make them prone to being made fun of.

  • What do you call a massive forehead? A fivehead.
  • They made a documentary specifically about you and called it Coneheads.
  • Your forehead is so big the Snapchat filter did not even know where to put the horns.
  • Your forehead is so big a group of friends can even play Wii sports on it.
  • You have such a big forehead that it is a wonder you do not play the role of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland.
  • Your forehead is so big it makes Kanye West's ego so small.
  • Your forehead is so big it could accommodate a solar field.
  • Your entire face sits on your chin because of your big forehead.
  • Your forehead is so big I can see my future when it shines.
  • Your forehead is so big that it is even visible on the world map.

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What does a big forehead mean?

Having a big forehead is a sign of intelligence. Coalition Brewing explains that a big forehead indicates an enlarged and developed prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain responsible for problem-solving, abstraction, higher-order thinking, and decision-making.

What day is big forehead day?

August 3rd is regarded as National Big Forehead Day and aims to recognise well-endowed foreheads that often experience shame. Such people celebrate this holiday to encourage individuals to love and embrace what they have.

Is a broad forehead attractive?

A broad forehead can be attractive to some people and unattractive to others. However, sources mention that women seem more attractive when they have wide foreheads, and one such woman is Rihanna, an American singer, entrepreneur and actress.

How can I hide my high forehead?

There are various ways you can hide your high forehead. Some include getting haircuts or styles that conceal your forehead, wearing accessories like beanies or hats, to using makeup.

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The above provided list of the best forehead jokes will make you feel better after reading them. Notably, you can also share them with your friends.

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