100+ stereotypic Mexican jokes that will make you burst into tears

100+ stereotypic Mexican jokes that will make you burst into tears

Any thoughts of Mexico come with nachos, tacos, and the Spanish language rather than humour. However, Mexican culture is deeply rooted in laughter and familial bonds, where spending time together involves sharing laughter and jokes. This is partly why Mexican jokes have become part of what most entertainment lovers want to read.

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Many Mexican jokes and memes are found online in today's digital age. Some of these playfully mock their own culture and the associated clichés.

What do you call a Mexican joke?

Mexican jokes are funny and a great way to bond with friends and family. No one says no to laughter. Whether you prefer dark Mexican or dad jokes or even amusing jokes, there is always something to make you and your friends laugh.

Funny Mexican jokes

These jokes are perfect for older kids or those more fluent in Spanish. Feel free to check them out and enjoy some great wisecracks! They make some of the best Mexican jokes you can read.

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  • Why did the Mexicans take Xanax? Hispanic Attacks.
  • Why do some people hate Mexican jokes? They always cross the line.
  • Why do Mexicans have tamales for Christmas? So they'll have something to unwrap.
  • What did the Mexican fireman name his two kids? Jose and Hose-B.
  • How many Mexicans does it take to change a light bulb? Just Juan.
  • What do you call a Mexican guy whose car got stolen? Carlos.
  • What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe? Roberto.
  • What do you call a fight between a Mexican and a white man with no girlfriend? Cholo vs Solo.
  • Who runs the Mexican Amazon? Jeff Pesos.
  • Why don't Mexicans barbecue? The beans fall through the grill.
  • How many Mexicans does it take to run a computer? Dos
  • What are Mexican proteins made of? Amigo-acids.
  • What is a Mexican favourite bookstore? Borders.
  • Why does nobody play Uno with Mexicans? They always steal the green cards.
  • What do you call a Mexican bodybuilder who runs out of protein? No Whey José.

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  • Do you know about the phrase “Jesus loves you”? A wonderful thing to hear in church but a terrible thing to hear in a Mexican prison.
  • What do you call 4 Mexicans in quicksand? Quatro Cinco.
  • Has anyone ever had Mexican white wine? It’s a Pinot.
  • How do you know when Asians are moving into the neighbourhood? When the Mexicans start buying car insurance.
  • What’s a Mexican favourite type of joke? Juan liners
  • What would you call Cyborg if he was Mexican? Cyborge.
  • What does a dyslexic Mexican smoke? Tabasco.
  • Why are Mexicans the most demanding crew in school? They never turn in their essays.

Good Mexican jokes

The simplicity and straightforwardness of the Spanish language make them ideal for wordplay and puns.

  • How do Mexicans slice their pizza? With little caesars.
  • A Mexican magician has been killing it with his audience all night. For the finale, he tells the spectators that he will vanish on the count of three. "Uno, dos…" he says. Tueh… He disappears without a tres.
  • Why don't Mexicans cross the river in groups of 4? Cuatro sink-o.
  • How does every Mexican joke start? By looking over your shoulder.
  • What do you call a Mexican hitchhiker? EL Paso
  • A Mexican actor died while performing stunts for a movie. During the funeral, his mother walks toward the director and says, "Jesus died for your scenes."
  • Why didn't the Mexican archer fire his bow? He didn't habanero.
  • What does Arigato mean? A Mexican cat named Ari.
  • What do you call a Mexican anime about pirates? Juan piece.
  • How does a dyslexic Mexican say hello? "Aloha!"
  • Why does Sherlock Holmes love Mexican restaurants? They give him good case ideas.
  • What book do Mexican students read in English class? Tequila mockingbird.
  • How do you get a Mexican uncle's attention? Tap-a-tio on the shoulder.
  • What do you call a 70-year-old Mexican? A señor citizen.

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  • Why did the Mexican keep a wheel of cheddar in his truck? In Queso emergencies.When it comes to risky occupations, you would think there would be no jokes about them. However, this is not the case as each job has its own set of work-related jokes. This article highlights some hilarious firefighter jokes that explore the lighter side of the courageous men and women who run into buildings when everyone else is running out.
  • What do you call electrified Mexican food? Shockamole.
  • A fish without eyes is commonly known as the Mexican blind cavefish.
  • What do Mexicans wear to keep warm in winter? A fleece Navidad.
  • A Mexican Jedi is also known as “padijuan."
  • What do you call a Mexican without a car? Joaquin.

Dark Mexican jokes

Navigating small talk and humour in a foreign language can be challenging, but with a handful of these funniest Mexican jokes, you will sound like a native, impress others, and have a good laugh.

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  • Have you ever heard about the Mexican train killer? He had locomotives.
  • What do you call 2 Mexicans playing basketball? Juan on Juan.
  • Why did the Mexican Army only bring 5000 soldiers to the Alamo? They only had two vans.
  • What is the only reason U.S. presidents watch the Olympics or World Championships? So they can determine how high Mexican pole vaulters can jump.
  • Why do some people say, "Taco Bell isn't real Mexican"? It gets the job done for less than half the cost. That's about as Mexican as it gets.
  • What do you call a Mexican midget? A paragraph because it isn't a full essay.
  • What did one Mexican robber say to the other when they reached the "No Trespassing" sign? "It's ok because there are only two of us."
  • What's the difference between E.T. and a Mexican? E.T. learned English and wanted to go home.
  • How do you keep a Mexican from stealing? Put everything on the top shelf.
  • Why did the Mexican family have 20 people in their car? Because they needed to leave room for groceries.
  • What do you call a Mexican space chicken? Apollo.
  • What do you call a Mexican who transitions? Señor Rita.
  • What do Mexicans eat when it's cold out? Brrrritos.
  • What do you call an undead Mexican? A Zombré.
  • What do you call a Mexican-ant? Immigr-ant.

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  • Did you hear about that one Mexican that went to college? Yeah...me neither.
  • How do you stop a Mexican tank? Shoot the guy pushing it.
  • Why are Mexicans so short? They all live in basement apartments.
  • Why do Mexicans re-fry their beans? They don't do anything right the first time.
  • What is the best transportation in Mexico? In MexiCAR.
  • What saying does a French and Mexican man have in common? French say Oh lá lá, Mexicans say just Hola.
  • What is the best way to pay in Mexico? With a Juan-time payment.
  • What do you say to a nosey Mexican? That's Nacho's business.
  • How do Mexicans laugh? Hahahalapeños.
  • How do you know when a Mexican is being nosey? When he starts getting jalapeño business.

Mexican jokes of the day

Mexicans are fun-loving and humorous people. Sharing some of the good dirty Mexican jokes they laugh at with friends and loved ones can add beauty to their day. With these Mexican word of the day jokes, you cannot go wrong.

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  • How come there aren't any Mexicans on Star Trek? They don't work in the future, either.
  • What do you call a Mexican in a two-story house? Adopted.
  • Mexicans are in a car; who is driving? A cop.
  • Two Mexicans are talking while waiting for the bus. The bus arrives, so one says to the other, "We should TACOn the bus."
  • What does a Mexican say to his lover while watching Netflix? Let's Netflix and Chilli.
  • How do you call a spider piñata? Piñatarantula.
  • What is a burrito image with a bad resolution? A blurrito.
  • Why did the Mexicans install a mousetrap? Tequila mouse.
  • What Greek God exists in Mexican culture? ChilAquiles
  • Why is Mexican ice cream spicy? Because it was chilli in the freezer.
Mexican jokes
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  • What did the Mexican doctor tell his patient? Be ready for a different Día de los Muertos this year.
  • How do Mexicans pay taxes? With a piñatax.
  • How do you call a Mexican spy? Agent GarCIA.
  • How do Mexican scientists measure matter? In moles.
  • Name three Mexican bands: Juan Direction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and twenty Juan pilots.
  • Why can't you trust a taco chef? Because they will spill the beans.
  • What is the name of the Spiderman character inspired in Mexico: Mary Jane.
  • Why do Mexicans put a Justin Bieber photo in their quesadilla? Just-in queso.
  • What do Mexican marines say to their superiors? Sea señor.

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Mexican dad jokes

Dad jokes have a distinct charm that sets them apart; they often revolve around puns and wordplay that some people find endearing, while others may consider them cringe-worthy. Check out these Mexican jokes to tell your dad.

  • Dad, how does it feel to have such a handsome son? I don't know, son; ask your grandpa.
  • Dad, can I watch T.V.? Ok, but don't turn it on.
  • Dad, at school, they said I'm an orphan. And who are you again?
  • Dad, what does brigada mean? A woman wearing very warm clothes.
  • Dad, what was there before the Big Bang? How I Met Your Mother.
  • Dad, after all these years, you keep calling Mom "princess." Tell me, what's the secret? I forgot her name, and I'm scared to ask her.
  • Dad, what are you doing in front of the computer with your eyes closed? Nothing, daughter, it's just that the computer told me to close all my tabs.

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Mexican jokes will help you light up the room with your loved ones and give you reasons to laugh. That is why browsing a list of them and sharing them with others is a wise step. Choose the ones that crack you up the most and have fun.

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