Top 10 best sugar mama dating apps and websites that are legit 2021

Top 10 best sugar mama dating apps and websites that are legit 2021

There is no shame in finding a lover on sugar mama dating apps and websites. The internet might have created new ways of finding a partner but nothing about love changes afterwards. What does a sugar mommy do? She is a married or single woman who financially supports a younger lover for companionship and sexual intimacy. So, are you a sugar baby looking for a sugar momma? Here is how to get a sugar momma.

sugar mama dating
Corey Gamble (40 years) is younger than Kourtney, yet he has been dating her mother, Kris Jenner (65 years), since the fall of 2014. Photo: @Mike Coppola
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Since some people see sugar mama dating sites as opportunities for making quick money, join these platforms with clear intentions to avoid the pain of disappointment. Focus on making money or finding love if that is what you want. Nevertheless, you might get both. Many male celebrities are in blossoming relationships with older partners.

Top 10 sugar mama dating apps and websites

Sugar mama apps broaden a person's dating network. Many people do not have time to mingle because they are under pressure to attain financial independence. Therefore, most of them prefer interacting with potential lovers on sugar momma apps without interrupting their schedule. So, where can you find a sugar momma? Check out these sugar momma websites and apps:

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1. Adultfriendfinder

sugar mama dating
Tom Kaulitz married Heidi Klum in February 2019, even though he is 16 years younger than her. Photo: @ Emma McIntyre
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Adultfriendfinder has over 80 million members. It is almost like any other lovers' matching platform. However, this sugar mama website helps you find someone to date but can also help you financially. The truth is everyone needs a partner who can bring something to the table.

2. Badoo

Badoo makes it convenient for you to initiate conversations with people of similar interests. The online discussions will help you figure out whether to pursue the relationship to the next level or not.

3. Bumble

Meeting a lover the usual way is great. Unfortunately, you are never guaranteed that the person has the financial muscle or is generous enough to help you if you ever fall into financial woes. Bumble connects you with someone you are sure will protect your financial interests. Love can always set in later.

4. eHarmony

The website has more than 29 million members from the US only. After signing up on eHarmony, crosscheck profiles of as many targets as you want and pick whoever you like. Whoever you are, a trollop or the cub, do not be desperate for company because the other person might take advantage of it.

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5. Her

sugar mama dating
Holland Taylor (left) and Sarah Paulson (right) have a 32 years age difference and have been dating since 2015. Photo: @John Shearer
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Her is the best app for lesbian sugar mama dating. It is also a social media platform for empowering queer women. The lesbians and bisexuals dating platform makes these women feel comfortable living within their communities.

6. OkCupid

OkCupid is another good platform to meet with fellow cougars and cubs. You can share your experiences, vent your frustrations and meet genuine friends and lovers here. The dating site has some of the most friendly people you will ever meet.

7. Ourtime

There are lots of genuine people on this website. Ourtime suits daters who would not like to be in full-blown relationships. A trollop and a cub also enjoy talking about their hobbies and other exciting things. Therefore, put some effort into the relationship no matter the role you play.

8. SeekingArrangement

The average sugar baby allowance on SeekingArrangement is around $3000 to $5000. Make your intentions clear from the beginning if you want love or a casual sexual relationship. Additionally, do not send the other person unsolicited nude pictures.

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sugar mama dating
Shakira is ten years older than her baby daddy, Gerard Piqué, yet they have been together since 2011 and now have two sons. Photo: @ Frazer Harrison
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9. Tinder

Find a sugar momma on Tinder. The app's algorithm helps you find suitable partners. Set a higher age limit for women you are interested in to get more clients. Do not lie about the qualities you want in a woman since a cougar-cub relationship is not all about money. It would be best if you find a connection with your partner to enjoy each other's company.

10. Reddit/CougarsAndCubs

The gender and age proportion is almost equal on Reddit/CougarsAndCubs. You will find many middle-aged Christian females who are wealthy enough to be cougars. The dating site also has mature women who do not mind the wifey title if you are willing to marry them.

How much do sugar mamas pay?

Some people use pseudo names while looking for sugar momma stories to tell the world. Some trollops are not looking for lovers but online friends they can have meaningful conversations with. Things might change in the future if your online friendship turns into love.

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You or the trollop can initiate the conversation if you like the person's profile. Either of you sends the other a quote/offer for the person to decline, accept or reject. Sugar babies earn an average of $1000 to $5000, depending on their agreements with their cougars.

sugar mama dating
The 23-year-age gap has not stopped Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson from having a happy marriage since 2012 to date. Photo: @Rich Polk
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Can you be a sugar baby without meeting? Some cougars will request physical, sexual intimacy, while a few prefer sexting or cybersex. Both of you agree on the payment method, time, meeting schedule, and other details.

There are plenty of sugar mama dating apps and websites these days. Women who cannot find men within their age brackets are turning to younger men. If you believe that love knows no age, join one of these platforms.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd and Andrey Andreev launched the platform in December 2014.

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