70+ hilarious skinny jokes that will keep you laughing for days

70+ hilarious skinny jokes that will keep you laughing for days

Have you ever met people who feel bad because they think they are too skinny and want to put on as much flesh and muscle at all costs? Some of them could become desperate because of several demeaning names friends call them. But the truth is skinny jokes could be thrown among friends and loved ones to make the atmosphere lively and get everyone trying to catch some breath amidst deep laughter.

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Skinny jokes are not meant to body-shame anyone but make the atmosphere livelier. Photo: unsplash.com, @barbarian_subhkaran (modified by author)
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Being skinny is not bad, so funny jokes about skinny guys make everyone feel good. One of the best sides of being skinny is that it increases agility and general well-being. Being leaner will increase efficiency since a bigger individual, fat or muscular, requires more energy for each activity.

Skinny people jokes

There is no better taunt and roast for skinny people than many of the jokes written out here. These funny jokes are hilarious and help ease workplace or friends' tension.

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  • Your friend's legs snapped as she took her first steps because she is so frail.
  • My guy is so lanky that he can avoid falling raindrops.
  • Baby, no one even recognised you were pregnant since you are so lanky.
  • Josh is so thin that when he loses his watch in the drain, he can get it by slipping through the drain's rails.
  • She is so underweight that she must run about in the shower to get wet.
  • You are so short and lanky that a train may miss you even when it is headed straight for you.
  • My son is so lanky that he may fall through the toilet hole.
  • Girlfriend is so skinny when she was little her dad accidentally thought her legs were matchsticks and tried to light up a fire.
  • She is so thin that she slipped through the chair's pattern's fine lines.
  • The boy was so lanky that when the wind blew, he took off.
  • You are so deserving of winning the heavyweight championship that the scale read 0 when you stepped on it.
  • Man, do people notice you at the cash register when you arrive at work because you are so lanky?
  • Fred is so frail that he hides beneath the couch.
  • Hey dude, do you have a hidden power where you can spin around and vanish?
  • The girl is so lanky that her pyjamas just have one stripe.
  • Your infant is so frail that she got stuck in a pea.
  • Your girl is so skinny that even a broomstick is comparable to her.

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Being skinny does not mean a person suffers from malnutrition; they may not just have fat. Photo: unsplash.com, @olegivanovpht (modified by author)
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  • When my sister ate a meatball, I believed she was pregnant because she is so thin.
  • Kate can perform pushups beneath the door since she is so thin.
  • Your mother appeared too lanky to have given birth to you at the age of 19.
  • When he got on the scale, I was helpless to control my emotions. Instead of positive numbers, the reading indicated negative numbers.
  • When you go out, do you leave your excess meat at home?

You are so skinny jokes

These skinny jokes typically fill the air among friends, especially where one or two persons are adorably lanky. A friend can easily taunt the other or throw a joke around.

  • Due to your extreme thinness, you always wake up late after sleeping.
  • You are so thin that you can just pass through the bars to escape prison.
  • You're so thin you can hide behind a toothpick.
  • You are so thin that you would weigh a quarter pounder with cheese if you had a yeast problem.
  • Ken, you are so thin that you could fit into a mouse trap that was already set.
  • He is so thin that he must hold himself up to avoid falling into the toilet.
  • Because he is so slim, my boyfriend will use his tie as a blanket.
  • His girlfriend is so thin that she hoops with Cheerios.
  • Liz is so slim that when she went for a roll, folks mistook it for the moon collapsing.
  • Yo, ma is so thin that folks nickname her a "twig."
  • My infant's yellow clothing makes her resemble an HB pencil.
  • You are so slim you can walk over and dodge raindrops.
  • Your girlfriend is so skinny that she can see with both eyes through the peephole.
  • She is so slim that a run in her hose caused her to fall out.
  • Yo, moma is so skinny that she spun around and vanished.
  • Yo, mama is so slim that wearing her bra backwards makes it fit her better.

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The right lanky jokes can make those with lesser weight appreciate themselves better. Photo: unsplash.com, @tochibiko (modified by author)
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  • Are you really that thin that your jeans have just one belt loop?
  • My newborn girl is so thin that dental floss might be used to blindfold her.
  • The girl is so skinny that she would resemble a pushpin if she had a sesame seed on her head.
  • Yo, mama is so underweight that if she got a yeast problem, she would be a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
  • Yo, mama is so tiny that I would take her by the ankles and use her to sweep the floor if she had dreadlocks.
  • Yo, mom is so thin that she would resemble a zipper if she twisted around and put out her tongue.
  • Yo, ma is so lean that you refer to her as translucent rather than as your parent.
  • Yo, ma is so skinny that she can see with both eyes through a peephole.
  • Yo, mama is so skinny that she enjoys a hot tub date with the Mini Wheats Man, according to 48.
  • Mama is so slim that it took two times for her standing in the same spot to make a shadow.
  • Yo, mom is so slim that she needs to wear a spandex belt.

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Funny skinny jokes

Here are some of the best skinny jokes for guys and ladies alike. Remember that jokes are part of everyday life, and people keep bringing them up to make the atmosphere lively and hilarious.

  • A chubby man runs into a lean man and says, "When people see you, they assume that everyone in the world is starving to death." "They can see why when they look at you," the lanky guy replies.
  • Why are Japanese people constantly thin? Because an entire city vanished the last time there was a Fat Man.
  • Waiter, my steak is far too lean. "Sir, it's a strip steak." "At these costs, it ought to sing and dance in addition to stripping!"
  • One individual remarked, "Don't forget you are what you eat." The other said, "I should eat a slim person."
  • I approached a thin man that I noticed was acting like Santa Claus. I said, "You can't pull that off." "Then you give it a try," he added. I got dressed when he gave me the Santa outfit. As he passed, he noticed I had 45 youngsters waiting in line to sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for Christmas.
  • How many slim individuals will fit inside a tub? I have no idea why they keep losing ground.
  • You are so thin that you must move the seat forward to reach the pedals while driving.
  • Why do Japanese people hate Christmas? Because the last time a Fat Man went down their chimney they lost half of their population
  • My buddy claims that because you are so thin, you always make it through the closing elevator without missing it.
  • You are so thin that the only thing separating you from a leaf is its colour.

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Being skinny has its health benefits because fat people will demand more energy per movement. Photo: unsplash.com, @freestocks (modified by author)
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  • What distinguishes those who are overweight from those who are thin? Though slim individuals are worth less in the meat market, fat people are harder to abduct.
  • A doctor informed the spouse that no skin from his body could be grafted since he was so thin.
  • Yo, your mother is so lanky that her pantyhose must be tied in knots so that her knees may be seen.
  • His mother is so frail you can throw her a Fruit Loop to keep her from drowning.
  • Dan's mother is so frail that her toes get trapped in the drain when she takes a bath and drains the water.
  • You're so skinny that I thought you looked like a pencil the last time you wore yellow!
  • Napoleon was really frail, didn't you know? They refer to him as Napoleon Boney Parts because of this.
  • A gal walks into a bar and orders a skinny margarita. "Well my winter fat is finally gone!" she announces to the bartender. "Congratulations," the bartender says. "Thanks," the gal replies. "Now I have spring rolls."
  • Why are married guys obese and bachelors skinny? Bachelors head to the refrigerator to find something they enjoy before retiring to bed. Married guys retire to bed, take a quick glance around, and then head to the refrigerator.
  • What do a frail person and his mother have in common? Compared to him, his mother can eat more veggies.
  • What's the difference between hitler and logan paul? At least hitler had respect for the japanese!
  • What distinguishes those who are overweight from those who are frail? Though slim individuals are worth less in the meat market, fat people are harder to abduct.

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Skinny jokes do not intend to cause trouble, harm, or body-shame anyone. Nonetheless, they are written out for the best intentions among friends, co-workers, and team players. They can be used to ease off stress and make the atmosphere as engaging as possible.

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