Who is your guardian angel, and how do they protect you?

Who is your guardian angel, and how do they protect you?

Recently, using technology, some have claimed capturing the supernatural acts of angels and how they guide humans and protect them from danger. You may occasionally hear that little voice inside you giving advice or feel the touch or presence of an unseen being. These and many other things are part of the assignments of a guardian angel.

A guardian angel in the sky
A guardian angel is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group or nation. Photo: Redhumv, NikkiZalewski on Getty Image (modified by author)
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Angel is an English word from the Greek word "Angelos," meaning messenger. They are non-human and heavenly pure spirits. Humans imagine these creatures to be translucent beings that are tall with white robes and wings. In different religions, there is a dogma of a hierarchy of angels, among which there are guardian angels.

Who is your guardian angel?

Your guardian angel is your friend and protector who is assigned by God to guard you from birth till the day you die. A guardian angel is synonymous with a protector, superintendent, assistant, herdsman, overseer, and instructor.

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Do I have a guardian angel?

Every human is assigned a guardian angel who stands before the face of the Lord. These angels aid each person throughout the journey of life.

Who are the 12 guardian angels?

The 12 guardian spirit beings perform archangels' works: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, Jophiel, Uriel, Chamuel, Phanuel, Zadkiel, Azrael, Ramiel, and Jeremiel. These angel names were gotten across Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Islam, and other religions. Here is a run-through of them.

1. Michael

In Christianity, Michael is the only one the Bible calls an archangel. Michael in Hebrew means "Who is like God?" or "Who is equal to God?" He is like a heavenly military general who fights wars. You can call him to help you whenever you need protection.

2. Gabriel

Gabriel is a Hebrew word that means "God is my strength" or "Might of God." He is prominent among guardian angels in the Bible, appearing thrice as a divine messenger. Gabriel aids in articulating messages clearly, especially for writers and speakers.

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3. Raphael

Raphael, meaning "God Heals" in Hebrew, is a renowned angelic figure, though his appearances in the Bible are scarce, mainly found in the apocryphal Book of Tobit. In Catholic and Orthodox traditions, he guides Tobias and is hailed as the Patron of Healing, offering solace to the sick and those in healthcare.

A woman's body painted in silver as a heavenly angel
A woman's body painted in silver as a heavenly angel. Photo: Redhumv
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4. Ariel

You can connect with Archangel Ariel if you are passionate about animals and environmental conservation. As the spirit of nature, Ariel safeguards ecosystems and creatures. Ariel also aids in pet health and offers support during vet visits.

5. Jophiel

Jophiel is the archangel symbolising the "beauty of God." She fosters artists and embodies creativity, wisdom, and innovation. She also dispels disorder, instilling peace in humans and situations.

6. Uriel

Uriel, meaning "God is my light" in Hebrew, is a biblical spirit being depicted with a sword and flame. In apocryphal texts, he is associated with repentance and stands at Eden's gate.

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7. Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel aids in bringing peace to individuals and society. You can call on him during anxiety, relationship challenges, or the need for forgiveness. He provides courage in adversity, especially in marital issues or post-breakup healing.

8. Phanuel

Phanuel is the fourth angel in the Book of Enoch, who ranks among heaven's renowned angels, following Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. His name, "The face of God," underscores his significance. Phanuel's responsibilities include bearing God's throne, imparting truth, and serving as the spirit of judgment and repentance.

9. Zadkiel

His name means the "Righteousness of God,". Zadkiel embodies mercy as the angel who aids individuals in seeking divine forgiveness. He empowers them to resist harmful choices and steer clear of sin. He symbolises freedom, benevolence, and forgiveness, guiding souls towards spiritual liberation.

10. Azrael

Archangel Azrael aids those facing death and guides souls transitioning to the spiritual realm. He offers solace to the grieving, providing comfort and strength upon request. As the "Angel of Death," Azrael possesses immense power, facilitating the passage of souls but never causing death independently.

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11. Remiel

According to the Book of Enoch, he is one of the seven Holy Angels, known as the "Thunder of God" or "Compassion of God." He is the spirit of forgiveness and hope, entrusted with bestowing divine visions and leading faithful souls to Heaven.

Golden Angel's wings
Angels are non-threatening and bring good luck. Photo: NikkiZalewski
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12. Jeremiel

Jeremiel guides individuals to learn from errors, offering encouragement and aiding souls destined for Heaven. According to the Book of Enoch, he is one of the seven archangels, the spirit of hopeful visions and dreams.

How do I find out who my guardian angel is?

The common way to find out or know who your guardian spirit is is by using your birthday, zodiac sign, and angel number. Other ways include:

  • Pray to find them
  • Learn their names
  • Identify constant signs and names
  • You can write a song to them

Who is my guardian angel by birthday?

This spirit being is assigned to you on the day you were born. There are 72 guardian angels, which differ in each person's birthday. Below are a few birthdays and spirits assigned to them:

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  • 1st - 5th January: Nemamiah
  • 31st January - 4th February: Anauel
  • 1st - 5th March: Rahel
  • 31st March - 4th April: Sitael
  • 27th - 30th April: Cahetel or Cafetel
  • 1st - 5th May: Haziel
  • 27th - 31st May: Mebahel
  • 1st - 5th June: Hariel
  • 27th - 1st July: Pahaliah
  • 28th July - 1st August: Haiah
  • 29th August - 2nd September: Vasariah
  • 29th September - 3rd October: Haamiah
  • 29th October - 2nd November: Yelaiah
  • 28th November - 2nd December: Daniel
  • 27th - 31st December: Poyel

How do I connect with my guardian angel?

You can connect via prayers, music, and meditation. They will come to you if you are willing to connect with them.

Guardian angel statue in sunlight
The statue of a guardian angel in sunlight. Photo: Lurii Kuzo
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How can I hear my guardian angel?

Your guardian spirit can communicate with you in different ways, which include:

  • Through dreams
  • Meditation and mental visions
  • Signs and symbols
  • During fasting and special prayers
  • Hearing a voice in your head or outside
  • Different sounds, like a bell chiming

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How do guardian angels protect us?

Guardian spirits offer continuous protection by guiding us toward God's will, intervening in our conscience to steer us right. They shield us from harm by rescuing us from peril or averting dangerous situations. They engage in spiritual battles and provide physical safety, empowering us against temptation.

The importance of a guardian angel in a man's life cannot be overemphasised. They protect humans from danger and lead them out of sin to eternal life. Every religion recognises these beings. Connect with your guardian angel and enjoy the spiritual and physical benefits that come with them.

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