What is the difference between NCV and Nated in South Africa?

What is the difference between NCV and Nated in South Africa?

The NCV and Nated certificates are some of the most crucial higher education certificates in the South African curriculum. The two programmes not only provide you with the necessary skills to become a professional in your field, but they are also a good addition to your CV. However, the two certificates have different requirements and courses.

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Both the NCV and Nated certificates are important when it comes to skill additions. They both may come in handy when looking for work. The choice, however, is up to you, depending on what skill you are looking for.

What is an NCV qualification?

The National Certificate Vocational Qualifications(NCV) are certifications developed to offer practical skill sets in various in-demand professions in South Africa. It is an alternative option and equivalent to the matric certificate.

You can get into higher education programs in the same subject areas with an NCV qualification as well. The following NQF levels are where national certificate vocational qualifications are available:

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  • NCV Qualification on NQF Level 2: Equivalent to grade 10.
  • NCV Qualification on NQF Level 3: Equivalent to grade 11.
  • NCV Qualification on NQF Level 4: Equivalent to grade 12.

What are the advantages of NCV?

Through the National Certificate Vocational program, students can develop a particular set of skills to be prepared for the workforce. This means that students can develop their talents and launch a lucrative profession even before matriculation.

Students who struggle in a typical classroom setting can also benefit from NCV courses. An NCV qualification increases your chances of finding work in your particular profession. Additionally, if you have the greatest NCV qualification rather than merely a regular matric certificate, you will have additional work prospects.

What are the NCV requirements?

The following requirements must be met to apply for an NCV course:

  • Grade 9 pass certificate
  • Equivalent (ABET Certificate or NQF 1 Certificate).

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Can you join the university with an NCV certificate?

Applicants with an NCV 4 may be accepted by some top colleges for bachelor's degree programs. Applicants who meet the following criteria can be accepted into degree programs at institutions like the University of the Witwatersrand:

  • An APS of 6 (between 70 and 79%) for each of the seven subjects in the recognized occupational categories
  • If it was not the language of instruction and learning, you should have taken English as a First Additional Language.
  • Students are required to have taken math.

After completing the criteria mentioned above, all NCV applicants will also need to take an admission exam.

What is the Nated certificate?

Nated courses are also known as National Qualification courses, and each course was created by the Department of Higher Education and Training to prepare students for the workplace. NATED courses combine theoretical and practical lessons to provide students with the greatest career-based learning.

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Nated certificate
Any NATED Program begins with a National N4 Certificate. Photo: jayk7
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What are N4, N5 and N6?

Any NATED Program begins with a National N4 Certificate. Students can master the fundamentals of the specific field they choose to pursue with this Certificate. Students who have successfully passed the National N4 Certificate are eligible to enrol in the N5 National Certificate, the N6 National Certificate, and finally, the N6 National Diploma.

What are Nated courses in South Africa?

There are several Nated programmes in South Africa. They are in several fields, including;

Business studies

  • Business Studies N4 – N6
  • Public Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Management
  • Management Assistant
  • Marketing Management

Engineering studies

  • Engineering Studies N1 – N6
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Welding
  • Building and Civil

Criminal Justice

  • NQF Level 6 Diploma
  • SAQA ID: 91806
  • ACCREDITATION NO: 2014/HE07/006

Can I study Nated?

If a student plans to enrol in one of the Nated diploma programmes, they must already have a Grade 12 Certificate or be in Grade 12 at the time of application.

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Is N4 the same as matric?

No, N4 is not a matric equivalent. The NQF Level 5 for an N4 Qualification is equal to the NQF Level 4 for a matric qualification.

The Nated and NCV are different in their qualification requirements and programmes. They are, nonetheless, important in furthering your studies.

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