Who is Raymond Reddington? Strong clues and fan theories you need to know

Who is Raymond Reddington? Strong clues and fan theories you need to know

If you have watched the NBC series The Blacklist, you are familiar with the show’s main character Raymond Reddington. He is a criminal mastermind and the FBI’s top most wanted fugitive who decides to turn himself in after more than 20 years of evading the authorities. His real identity has remained a mystery throughout the series, but there are clues that can be pieced together to decode the riddle. So, who is Raymond Reddington? Keep reading to find out!

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The Blacklist on NBC cast
Red (Played by James Spencer) is a criminal mastermind on The Blacklist. Photo: @NBC
Source: Getty Images

Raymond Reddington, played by actor James Spencer, is painted as a sly and manipulative but charming individual who is always a few steps ahead of everyone. Over the course of the series, Red reveals that he built his criminal network to ensure Elizabeth is protected, and when his enemies got too close, he had to go to the FBI to ensure her protection more directly.

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When Red decides to work for the FBI, he gives them the condition that he must work with Elizabeth Keen. His fondness for Liz has led to The Blacklist fans trying to uncover his true identity and how he relates to her. The show is in its 9th season, and actor James Spencer revealed that the 10th season would be coming to your screen in July 2022.

What is known about the real Raymond Reddington?

What is Raymond Reddington's true identity?
When the real Red dies, he is replaced by an imposter whose identity remains a mystery. Photo: @NBC
Source: Getty Images

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Raymond Reddington was an American Navy intelligence officer. Katarina Rostova, a KGB agent, is sent to seduce him, and they have a relationship, leading to Elizabeth’s birth. Red was previously married to Naomi Hyland, but their marriage ended in divorce.

When Elizabeth Keen was four years old, she shot Red when he was attacking her mother, Katarina. An inferno then broke out, and Ilya and Katarina rescued Red, but he later succumbed to the fatal shot that Liz fired.

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After Raymond’s death, the truth surrounding the real identity of his imposter has remained a mystery throughout the series. In The Blacklist season 8, Elizabeth suffers another blow when the person she thought was her mother reveals that she was an undercover spy called Tatiana Petrova. Where are her real parents?

Who is the man pretending to be Reddington?

Meghan Boone as Elizabeth Keen on The Blacklist
Raymond has always protected Liz in The Blacklist NBC series. Photo: @NBC
Source: Getty Images

The NBC thriller revealed that Katarina’s close friend Ilya Koslov, also a KGB agent, replaced Raymond after his demise. Koslov underwent plastic surgery to look like the real Red. However, in the 7th season, it is revealed that Reddington’s imposter is not the real Ilya Koslov, and the real Ilya is introduced as a close friend of the imposter.

There are two major fan theories that try to decode who Raymond Reddington’s imposter is. One theory suggests that he is the real Raymond who decided to fake his death. Elizabeth’s shot may not have been fatal at all, but he no longer considers himself the old Raymond. The second theory suggests that Liz Keen’s mother underwent extensive plastic surgery to look like Red.

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Is Raymond Reddington the mother of Elizabeth?

The Blacklist NBC thriller
Elizabeth with her mother Katarina in The Blacklist season 7. Photo: @NBC
Source: Getty Images

Is Katarina Rostova Raymond Reddington? There are strong clues that point to The Blacklist’s Raymond Reddington being Elizabeth’s mother. In the show's 8th season, Liz asks Red if he knew her mother, and he responds that he knew her very well with a smile that confirms his response.

Red also gives Liz a letter before she dies in The Blacklist season 8. He reveals that the note was written by Katarina and has everything she needs to know. Elizabeth has always been an important person to Red, and since nobody knows where her mother, Katarina Rostov is, it is possible that Katarina is Raymond Reddington’s imposter.

After Elizabeth’s death at the end of season 8, Red seeks to avenge her death in season 9. Her daughter Agnes later reveals to Red that Liz told her everything about him. Cooper also refers to Raymond as Agnes’ grandfather implying that he knows his secret.

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The Blacklist NBC thriller provides many clues about Red’s relationship with Elizabeth. However, the series is known to divert from fans’ expectations, and the truth may not be what is widely speculated. The show’s 10th season will soon come to your screen, and maybe it will give more closure on the true identity of Raymond Reddington.

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