The Chosen Granddaughter on Telemundo: cast, full story, plot summary, teasers

The Chosen Granddaughter on Telemundo: cast, full story, plot summary, teasers

The Chosen Granddaughter on Telemundo does not feature the typical Romeo and Juliet love story; instead, it hints at exhilarating themes like sibling rivalry, blackmail and revenge. Go through these details to know more about the soapie and what to expect.

Chosen Granddaughter
The Chosen Granddaughter on Telemundo: cast, full story, plot summary, teasers. @Telemundo News & Gossip
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The Chosen Granddaughter on Telemundo brings you a mix of heightened drama showcased by some of the most talented Spanish figures. These details highlight why you need to check out the soapie.

The Chosen Granddaughter on Telemundo

Original name La nieta elegida
Genre Telenovela
Starring Consuelo Luzardo, Francisca Estévez, Carlos Torres, Juliette Pardau
Country of originColombia
Original language Spanish
Number of seasons 1
Number of episodes 72
ChannelTelemundo (DStv 118)
Time 22h00

The Chosen Granddaughter: plot summary

The Chosen Granddaughter's storyline is about a young woman whose life is controlled by her father. He intends to use her to take revenge on a rival family. However, his plans come to an unexpected halt when her supposed grandmother becomes overly protective and caring towards her. She also meets a young man charmed by her beauty, and they immediately spark a romantic relationship.

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Unbeknownst to her, getting too friendly with these people is contrary to her father's wish; hence, she ends up in a dilemma.

The Chosen Granddaughter: full story

The Roldán family members are taken aback by the arrival of a stranger, Luisa Mayorga. The family's matriarch and grandmother, Sara, introduces her to everyone as her granddaughter whom she rescued from the neighbourhood, and the rest of the family warms up to her.

Luisa supposedly is Sergio's daughter, and Sergio, Sara's youngest son, was murdered a decade ago under strange circumstances, and the truth about his death remains a mystery. Luisa grows into a beautiful young girl amongst the greedy Roldán family members, who slowly oppose her presence and resent her.

Luisa finally starts showing her true colours and is not the timid and harmless girl everyone thought she was. She represents the interests of a sinister character hungry for revenge against the Roldán family. When she starts her series of attacks, she leaves no trace and evidence that she is up to no good. Will the family members finally understand their enemy is closer than they imagined?

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The Chosen Granddaughter cast members
Luisa loses track of the mission when she falls in love. Photo: @Empire of Telenovelas
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The Chosen Granddaughter cast

These are the actors and actresses that will be gracing your screens in the oncoming episodes:

Real nameCast
Consuelo LuzardoSara Roldán
Francisca EstévezLuisa Mayorga
Carlos Torres Juan Esteban "Juanes" Osorno
Kepa AmuchasteguiAugusto Roldán
Juan Pablo GamboaNicolás Roldán
Geraldine ZivicMaría Consuelo Roldán
Adriana Arango Rosa Espinosa
Marcela Benjumea Esther
Juliette PardauVivian Roldán
Sebastián OsorioMilán Mayorga
Stephania Duque Laura Roldán
Carlos Báez Adrián Alvarado
María José CamachoPaola Alvarado

The show's support cast members include:

Real nameCast
Gregorio Urquijo Lucas Alvarado
Ricardo VesgaFlorentino Espartero
Nayra CastilloLucrecia Villamil
Mariam Castañeda Elvira Loaiza
Ana María ArangoPerpetua Bautista
Marie VillarrealHelena Hidalgo
Silvia De DiosDaniela Krogemann
Patrick DelmasGermán Osorno
Claudio CatañoSergio Roldán
Héctor GarcíaBraulio Mayorga
Margalida CastroÉrika Bruner
Alejandra Villafañe Diana Cañedo
Cristina Campuzano Olivia
Orlando ValenzuelaRoberto Alvarado

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How many episodes of The Chosen Granddaughter are there?

The show has one confirmed season with 72 episodes. The first episode aired on 19th December 2022, replacing Hidden Passion 2. Catch the latest The Chosen Granddaughter episodes on Telemundo from Mondays to Sundays at 22h00.

The Chosen Granddaughter teasers

If you miss out on an episode or wish to know snippets of what will happen in the oncoming episodes, do so by checking out these teasers. They are highlights of how the show's plot will unfold and will be available in the preceding month.

The Chosen Granddaughter storyline
The show is based on rivalry and revenge. Photo: @Christech Saunders
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Where to watch The Chosen Granddaughter

The Chosen Granddaughter airs on Mondays to Sundays at 22h00 on Telemundo. Tune in to DStv channel 118.

The Chosen Granddaughter on Telemundo guarantees a rollercoaster of emotions at the end of every episode. If soapies fascinate you and you are looking for an experience of its kind, ensure to check it out.

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