Is the Netflix movie Incantation a true story or made-up events?

Is the Netflix movie Incantation a true story or made-up events?

Incantation on Netflix is a Taiwanese mockumentary-style horror film. The project became the highest-grossing film at the Taiwanese box office in 2022 and holds the record for the highest-grossing Taiwanese horror movie of all time. Though critically acclaimed, the plot has left viewers wondering if Incantation is real. Spoiler alert: below is Incantation on Netflix explained.

Netflix horror film, Incantation.
Incantation is a Taiwanese horror film. Photo: @juthathiip, @horrorvisuals on X (modified by author)
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Incantation is directed by Taiwanese filmmaker Kevin Ko, who co-wrote the screenplay with Chang Che-Wei. The film was released in Taiwan in March 2022 and was distributed globally by Netflix from July 2022. It stars Tsai Hsuan-yen, Huang Sin-ting, Kao Ying-hsuan, Sean Lin, and RQ.

What is the Incantation movie about?

The Incantation storyline revolves around Li Ronan and her daughter trying to fix a horrific religious curse. Ronan records her journey with her camera.

Six years ago, a pregnant Ronan, her boyfriend Dom, and Yuan were investigating a cult ceremony and found themselves entering a forbidden creepy tunnel. A sick Ronan could not go deep into the tunnel, but her boyfriend and Yuan explored it further.

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When the two came face to face with the statue of Mother Buddha, they got a curse that led to their instant death. Ronan was also cursed for getting in the tunnel and spent some time in a mental facility. She was forced to give up her daughter to foster care after giving birth.

Ronan reunites with her daughter, Dodo, six years later, but they discover that the curse is still strong. Her daughter starts seeing baddies that force her to chant. Dodo later becomes paretic and falls into a coma.

Ronan and Dodo's foster father try to find a way to save Dodo. They discover that Mother Buddha's curse enters those who repeat a particular chant and make a certain symbol with their hands. The deeper the curse, the greater the burden.

As chances of Dodo's survival get slimmer, Ronan decides to return to the tunnel to right the wrongs she did six years ago. Viewers get to see her showing Mother Buddha the camera with the hopes that everyone watching will get the curse, but it will be more diluted and will save Dodo.

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It later turns out the curse is too much for Ronan to bear, and she takes her life to escape the misery. The film ends with Dodo out of her coma.

Incantation on Netflix.
Incantation premiered on Netflix in July 2022. Photo: @wickednfine, @ea_zee on X (modified by author)
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Is Incantation based on a true story?

The Incantation movie on Netflix is loosely based on a true story that occurred in 2005 in Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. A family of six cult devotees with the surname Wu thought they were possessed by certain gods and blamed each other.

They did not eat for days, beat each other, and burned their skin with incense. They later concluded that the eldest 28-year-old daughter was the one with the demons and beat her to death.

The surviving five family members were arrested and charged. After a psychiatric evaluation, their case was attributed to mass hysteria. It remains a mystery what caused the family's delusion.

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Is Incantation based on a true religion?

Most of the religious elements incorporated in the film are fictional. Mother Buddha, the religious chants, and symbols were created from the filmmaker's imagination. Talking about the project's productions, director Kevin Ko said,

The design and production of the big, black Buddha statue cost us the most money, and we put all our money in there. It was all made by us – the gestures, incantations, and spell symbols. However, if you keep wondering if it is a real god, then it just means that our art team is really amazing.

Viewers convinced that Incantation is a true story with real footage can also relax. The footage in the film is fictional and acts as a personal diary of the film's main protagonist, Ronan.

Incantation mockumentary horror film on Netflix
Incantation on Netflix is loosely based on true events. Photo: @wickednfine, @mystic_riverrr on X (modified by author)
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Why does Incantation have a warning?

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The film is not suitable for everyone due to its intense and potentially disturbing content. It has graphic depictions of diseases and injuries. It is also inappropriate for viewers with trypophobia because there is a scene of a child with small holes throughout her body.

Is it safe to watch Incantation?

You can watch the film if you are a horror fan and have no phobias. Though inspired by actual events, everything depicted in Netflix's Incantation is a work of fiction.

Netflix movie Incantation remains one of Taiwan's most appreciated horror projects. The movie runs for 111 minutes, and the cast does an extraordinary job of giving viewers a convincing and captivating performance.

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